June 6, 2011

CA Part 4: Good friends in Fresno

After our few days relaxing on the coast, we drove to Fresno, where I grew up.  We were able to see so many of the important people from my growing up years, and introduce our boys to them!  It had been a few years since I'd seen everyone, and it was such fun!!

We stayed with my friend Sean, his wife Megan, and their precious daughter Addysen. Sean and I grew up one house apart from the time we were 18 months old (the same age as Addy is now!) until I went away to college, and have always been great friends! He is my longest friend, and we had such a wonderful time getting to know Megan even more this trip!  Usually we just get to go out to eat with them, so it was very fun to stay at their house and have time together!
The Conner and Steiner families
We enjoyed a wonderful dinner with Sean's parents! It was so much fun to be with all the Conners! Sean's sister Brittney, her husband Branden, and their 3 week old daughter Scarlett were also there, but somehow, I missed getting a picture of them!  Sorry guys!

I love you all, Conners!

Sean was cracking Will up!

Addy was modeling the new sunglasses I got for her ...
isn't she adorable??
I've decided that Megan is definitely Martha Stewart.  She made us gourmet breakfasts each day we stayed there, and even made a whole huge spread of basketball watching food for us as we watched the Mavericks game!  What a treat!  Thank you guys for your hospitality ... we so enjoyed spending time with you!


The next night we had dinner plans with another very special family to me, the Rojeskis!  Diane and I have been friends since our older brothers were in kindergarten. She was 4 and I was 2 when we became friends, and she was the one who taught me to tie my shoelaces!!  So we go almost as far back as Sean and I do!

Hallie cooked us a wonderful meal, and we had a great time meeting the boys!!
The boys and I with Diane

Auntie DiDi and a very sleepy Will

Mommy with a happier Will a little bit earlier

The Rojeski Clan with the boys.
Paul, Will, Diane, Hallie, Donn, Jack, and Grandma
Betty in the background
The Rojeski family are by far the biggest sports fans I know ... especially of baseball.  I do believe they know every single stat there is in baseball! They're amazing!  So it was very fitting that they got the boys the adorable baseball uniform footed jammies in the picture above! We love them!
Little baseball players!
And Seth and Landon, Paul's sons, were very excited that there was someone so tall at their house!  They were thrilled that Justin could lift them all the way up to touch the ceiling!

Seth, Will, Jack, and Landon

Back at the Conners house, sweet Addy was having a lot of fun with the babies!  She definitely seemed to think it was neat that there were two of them!

Is she not just the cutest thing?!

Giving Will some loves
We also visited my mom's friends from her old school ... here she is with her best friend, Janice.

During our last day in Fresno, we were also able to see more great friends of mine from high school!  I went to school with Kristen, and I went church with her husband Mike.  I just love it that they are married!  And they have a precious little girl, Faith!!  Can you believe all the babies??  From my 3 closest friends and me, there were 6 babies born within 6 months!!  Crazy!  God is SO good and so faithful!!!

And we made one last stop by Jenny's house so my mom could meet her twins.  Jenny's mom had met my boys at the coast, so it was my mom's turn to meet hers!

The Steiner/Brannan twins
All the twins with their adorable matching hats!

Aren't Jenny's guys precious?
They were just laying there holding hands!!!

The tired mommies with a cute Gigi!
We also saw our other neighbors that lived next door to me growing up, but I forgot to take a picture there. =( What an amazing time seeing all of these people who are so special to me!  I am so glad we took this trip!  I absolutely loved every minute of showing off my boys, and I'm so thankful to all these wonderful friends who have been prayer warriors for our family!!  I love you all!


Cristina said...

Whew! You are a SUPER MOM! That was a lot of stuff to fit into a vacation! I love all of the pictures - so many babies!!! =)
And that video of Will laughing... that was the best laugh ever!

Love you, friend.

Jenny Brannan said...

You are a stud! I'm so glad you guys came out. It was a dream come true to meet your boys!! Love you so much!