June 6, 2011

CA Part 3: Fun at the Coast

((Warning--LOTS of pictures in this post!!))

The next leg of our trip was a dream come true!!! My best friends from high school, Jenny and Andrea, and I have been dreaming for years about spending time together at the coast with our families.  We spent so much time together there when we were in school (we've been friends since 6th grade), and have many incredible memories.  So to be able to actually fulfill our dream was amazing!!

We rented a house together for the end of Memorial day weekend.  Jenny and her family came over after spending the first part of the weekend with her family, and Andrea and her family drove all the way up from Southern California!  Thank you girls for making this happen!

Right after we got to the house (after a long drive--5 1/2 hours that should have taken 3 1/2!), Andrea was holding Will and her boys Noah and Micah were just cracking him up!  I had to put the video up first because it was just SO funny!!  I don't think I've ever heard Will gut laugh like this!

We shared an adorable little house in Cayucos (on the central California coast), and I was in heaven!  This is my favorite part of the coast, and it was great being there with all of our husbands and kids!  There were 6 adults, and 7 kids!  With 5 of them being babies!!!  It was crazy, but perfect!  Justin actually said that even with all these kids, this was the most relaxing part of the whole trip!  We just love being by the water!  We just have to get out there every couple of years for our 'fix'!

Each morning, we'd bring the boys into bed with us for a little bit of playtime and their first bottle.  They were having so much fun that I had to catch a couple pics!

Fun with Daddy!
Jenny brought sweet hats for our babies ...
W & J love their brimmed hats!

Ellie, Andrea's baby girl, looked adorable in her hat too!
Thanks, Jen!!

Justin and I took a stroll with the boys the first morning we were there through town and out to the water.

They were so mellow and just took it all in!

At one of my favorite places with my favorites!!

Justin cuddling with the boys
In the afternoon, we all went down to the beach with all the kiddos!  Here is the Steiner family, ready to go!

And here is the whole gang (minus Josh, the photographer at the moment) walking to the beach.  What a sight, don't you think?!

Jack enjoying the beach

Will enjoying the beach

With Jenny, and one of her twins, Ethan
The Steiners and the Brannans, with 2 sets of identical twin boys!!

Best friends!

Will was a big help to Daddy taking pictures!
After the beach, Will, Jack, and Ellie had some fun time on the floor while Sam and Ethan had a nap.

Ellie, 7 months.  Isn't she just the sweetest thing?  She was so mellow!

Sam and Ethan, 5 months. I hope I have them right!
  Aren't they cuties?
Recognize the shirts?  I love having these boys to
hand clothes down to!!

The baby lineup--isn't this crazy?!
We had some time right before we left to take some group pictures to remember this trip...

Whose child is whose?? =)

Best friends with all our kiddos...
Will, Me, Jack, Andrea, Micah, Ellie, Noah, Ethan, Jenny, and Sam

And our wonderful husbands... Justin, Josh, and Jeff
Like I said ... this was a dream come true, and we are planning on continuing these trips every year if!  We are already planning to do Disneyland next year!  It will be so fun for all of our kids to grow up together!


Will thought he would help Daddy drive from Cayucos to Fresno.
Just kidding! He had just honked the horn with his tummy, and
was pretty proud of himself!!
Part 4 coming up!

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