June 6, 2011

CA Part 2: Family

So I didn't quite have enough time (or energy!) to continue blogging about our trip on our trip! So here it is from after the trip!


Once we arrived in California, we were so excited to get to stay with my cousins Lynnea and Kumar, and their daughters Grace and Hannah. They are some of the most hospitable people I know, and we were taken care of (and fed) very well while we were there! Thank you Lynnea and Kumar, for letting us stay with you!

The first morning we were there, the boys had some play time on the living room floor with their cousins.



Hannah and Will ... she was such a great helper!
And a pro at getting the boys to giggle!

Me, Will, Grace, Hannah, and Jack
We also got to spend the afternoon with my cousin Annie, and her daughters Senna, Cica, and Inaya.  I'm not sure how I didn't get any pictures, but hopefully they got some good ones that I'll be able to add to our photo album!! Inaya and the boys are just a few weeks apart, and it was so much fun to see them together!!


On Saturday, the whole family gathered in Oakland to celebrate my Grandma's 91st birthday.  It was a dream come true and an absolute miracle that we were able to introduce our boys to her.  Last year was a very hard year for her, and we weren't sure that she was going to live.  But live she has, and she is doing so well!  We were all thrilled to get this moment to all be together!  Doesn't she look amazing?

Grandma with her great grandsons!
We also were joined by many people in the family...

My great Aunt Doris

Uncle Dan and Aunt Sharon with Will

My mom's cousin Marcia, having fun with the boys!

My aunts and my brother, (l  to r) Me, Jack, Aunt Sallie, Will,
Uncle Aaron, Aunt Sharon, and Gigi

My sweet sweet Gram, posing with her cake and gifts

My family (boys were sleeping)
What a great day to celebrate my Gram's amazing life! I'm so thankful we were able to be all together!

After the party, we went to my cousin Christopher (on my Dad's side) and his wife Danette's house. It was so much fun to get to spend some time with them!
With Danette, Christopher, their daughter Olivia, and his mom Susan.

And during the morning before we left, we had a little bit more time hanging out with the family...

Kumar and Lynnea feeding the boys

What a cute family!  
The boys were sure loved on a lot during this time with my family!  It was just wonderful getting to spend time with everyone and let them get to know our precious boys!

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