June 19, 2011

Big Boy Seats, and other fun things

Last week we moved the boys from their infant seats into their big boy seats!  Mommy's arms were finally tired of lugging almost 20 pound babies around in car seats!  So after much online research, in-store tests, we decided on these First Years seats ... and they came in coordinating blue and green matching seats!  I love them, and the boys seem to also!

In the house test run ... I'm not sure what Jack did to crack Will up,
but he definitely thought his brother was funny!
And all ready to go on our first ride!  They did really well!
 They boys are having such fun playing on the floor lately!  They are all over the place, especially Jack, but somehow they always seem to gravitate to each other! 
Pretty typical scene ... one brother or the other on top of the other!
Right now, the boys absolute favorite toy to crawl to and chew on are these plastic purple discs off of the activity center.  They usually each go for their own, but look what I saw a couple days ago ...

Sweet boys sharing the toy!
The other day, Jack figured out how to crawl underneath the activity center.  He was SO proud of himself and had a blast!!

 At the end of the day, the boys and I usually sit out on our swing while we wait for Daddy to get home. Thanks to the front camera on the iphone, we usually send Daddy pictures of us as he is driving home!

Father's Day ...

What a great day Justin had today, I think!  He seems to have had a relaxing day, even with rebuilding part of our fence, and had fun with his boys!

Early morning cuddles with Daddy
Their shirts say, "If you think I'm handsome, you should see my Daddy!" Perfect for Father's Day, don't you think?

They love their Daddy!
Justin sure knows how to make his boys laugh!  They absolutely LOVE it when their Daddy dances! 

For Father's Day, we got Justin a bike trailer so he could pull the boys behind his bike.  This morning, before it got too hot, Justin took the boys for their first ride!  The boys were a little bit tired, so we didn't get too many smiles, but they seemed to be relaxed during the ride! 

"What are we doing, Daddy?"
Ready to ride!
Third loop around the cul-de-sac
Video of them riding ...

Serious little faces!
Success ... they are cyclists now, like their daddy!!  
3 generations of Steiner men!
This has been a great week, and a fun Father's Day!  

 And last but not least, the boys had fun taking some self portraits on my phone!

Have a great week!


erickson family said...

gosh alyson, i just can't get over it. the two most precious boys-to the two most precious parents. they just seem like such sweet, happy and laid back little ones. i love them already. those seats look so cozy and i love the picture where they are sharing the toy. i think it is wondeful that they have each other to play with. have a great week! :)

Tena said...

Awesome, Awesome! Love the bike trailer and the trips around the cul-de-sac!
They are getting so big! Hope we can get together soon with Eli and have some playtime!