June 30, 2011

Bathtime Crabbiness!

Crabbiness, but not from the boys!  These boys love their bathtime! =)  We have a special routine for bathtime in our household ... Justin bathes the boys and I put their diapers on and dress them in their pjs.  We both love doing it this way because Justin gets special one-on-one time with each of the boys after a long day of work! Plus, I don't get as frustrated wrestling putting the boys into their diaper and jammies as Daddy does! =)

But tonight, I decided it would be fun to change things up a little bit!

Our friend Debbie got the boys this pool right after they were born, and I thought tonight would be a perfect night to break it out!  Since the boys aren't sitting super-well on their own yet, I needed to wait until Justin was home to help.  So a Crabby Bath it was!

Jack enjoying sitting in the water
(During Jack's bath, Will was sitting with me on the swing, giggling and giggling!  I tried to get it on video, but somehow, I messed it up!  Too bad because it was super cute!)


Our little froggy Jack!

Will's turn ... What are we doing Dad?

Our little puppy dog Will
We all had fun doing baths outside tonight! And of course, daddy couldn't resist trying out the crabby pool too after the boys were in bed! Silly man!

Yesterday I had a really fun visit from a new friend!  Linda is a high school teacher from Washington who reads our blog, and actually used our babies as a case study of preemies with her child psychology class!  She was here in Texas and emailed me, and we were so happy to have her come and meet the boys!  

She was so sweet and brought the boys some adorable clothes that they wore today ... how grown up do they look??!
Big boy outfits!  I usually dress them in rompers and onesies!
They are growing up so fast!

Standing with Grandpa and Gigi
Thanks so much for coming to visit Linda!  It was so great to meet you!


And just a few more pictures of the boys enjoying their puffs!
Jack is saving one for later

Will finished up with a smile!

The boys will be 10 months old tomorrow (sniff, sniff!), so be on the lookout for the 10 month blog! Have a great Friday!

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