May 13, 2011

Video cuteness!

I've been wanting to upload these videos, so I'm super glad Blogger is back up!

 Check out this cuteness...
Jack was tickling Will when I was cooking dinner, and I only caught the tail end of the adorable giggles!  
(Ignore that mommy said Will instead of Jack in the video--I'm so trying not to say the wrong name--but its SO hard!)  

And Jack's newest trick...

So fun...and today it is even louder and higher pitched!!  Even though it is a bit ear-piercing, it is sure adorable to watch him figuring out new things that he is capable of doing.  And he's pretty proud of himself that he has now taught his brother this skill as well.  

Good times.  
Loud house.
Nothing I love more!


Janet said...


Katie Hale said...

So cute! I would love to read a post about how in the world you tell them apart! I think that would be so interesting to all of us singleton mommies. :)

Jenny Brannan said...

Ethan totally screams like that! Jeff and I just crack up!