May 20, 2011

In-N-Out ... in Texas!!

Today was a dreary, rainy day.  Justin was coming home early, and I had a great idea!  It was time to try the new In-N-Out that just opened here a few weeks ago! (Side note...I grew up going to In-N-Out as a special treat at our halfway stop going to the central California coast.  It is so yummy, and I am SO excited that they finally arrived here in Texas!!) Figuring the line wouldn't be very long since it was pouring down rain and we were well before the dinner rush, we put the boys in the car and headed off.

But ... I was wrong! I guess everyone had the same great idea! =( Here is our starting point in line! Can you see the restaurant waaaaay off in the distance??
But the line moved fairly quickly, thanks to the wonderful policemen standing out in the rain guiding us through! (At this point, we'd been in line about 15 minutes)
 Getting closer!  We could actually see the "X" palm trees!
 So close!!! (25 minutes at this point) But wait ... we are turning away from the restaurant!
 And going for a loop around the edge of the parking lot. =(
 Making our way slowly back towards the restaurant (35 minutes at this point)
 Oh, we're close!!!  The workers under the umbrella are taking orders, and are just two cars away!
 Order taken!  And we're on our way to get our food! (50 minutes)
 YES!!!  Here it is! (and SOO not Weight Watcher's friendly ... I'm pretending I'm not on it right now! =)
 My In-N-Out 'delivery' boy!  Isn't he so cute?!
And my modeling of the goofy hat.  *Note to self: hats don't sit on your head correctly when your hair is in a pony-tail!
 Mmmmmmmm ... So good!!!
I guess we liked it!
The wait was definitely worth it!  All in all, from getting into line, waiting, eating, and leaving to go home, it only took us a little over an hour! And the boys were happy little guys in the backseat!! What angels! The boys love In-N-Out!
The cuties modeling their hats
But this is as close as they will get to eating it for awhile!!
And one thing I had to look for right away ... the verse on the bottom of the cup!  You've got to like and support a company that puts their faith out there!

What a fun and yummy evening!!  We love you, In-N-Out, and we will be visiting you often!  Welcome to Texas!


Jenny Brannan said...

O my gosh! I can't believe that line!! That's insane! In-and-Outs out here aren't like that. You'll have to hit one up when you're here. :)

AROSS said...

Looks so yummy!! I have heard SO much about this place! I'll be trying it soon!!

Candie said...

Funny, but THAT post made me cry. Not because I haven't tried it yet (although, I'm a little sad about that) but because you are so stink'n cute! I'm so happy for you Alyson! You're such an amazing mom and testiment to what faith and obedience can do.