May 5, 2011

Growing boys!

The boys are some big boys!  At their appointment on Tuesday, Will measured in at 18lbs 4oz and 28 1/4 inches and Jack was 18lbs and 27 3/4 inches long! They are tall, thin, solid boys!  Like their Daddy! =) I'm not sure what their percentiles for height are, but our pedi commented that for their adjusted age, they are in the 95%ile!! Wow!

The other day I tried some rice husks with the boys.  The box said they dissolve, and since the boys were loving to chomp so much, I thought we'd try.  Not the best idea.  At first they had no clue what to do with them, and then with the first chomp, they bit off the end of it and it started to dissolve in their mouth.  They are definitely not ready for that yet, so Mommy cleaned out their mouths and took away the husks.  Should've thought it through better!  But no harm done  ...we'll wait awhile until we try those again!  But they were pretty cute trying!!

Jack wondering what I'd put in his hand ...

Will concentrating really hard!

We went out for a walk yesterday, and afterwards they gave Mommy some smiles!  Couldn't catch them both at the same time! Notice their cute outfits--a friend from our life group gave us 2 boxes of 6-9 month clothes her boys had long since grown out of!  We didn't have many in this new size, and it was definitely a wonderful gift!  Thank you, Lori!!
Jack in red

And Will figured out a new trick today ... smacking his lips!  It is too cute, and he loves doing it!

That's all for today... more cuteness to come soon! =) Have a great Friday!


Meghan said...

My girls both loved the Gerber puffs at that age (as their first introduction to something non-squishy).. I don't know what your food preferences are towards pre-packaged, but they dissolve with minimal chewing and are an easy transition to self feeding when the boys are ready for that! And they have fruit and whole grain ingredients, so they aren't the worst of the worst as far as "snackies" go!

Jimmie Brawner said...

Charles and I certainly enjoy all your entries and photos. Even though we live next door, we'd never be able to share in their growth and fun times without your blog. Hope this Sunday will be the beginning of many, many happy Mother's Days.
Jimmie & Charles

erickson family said...

so sweet. love them.

Sara said...

Your boys are absolutely precious!!! Love all the pictures you post.