May 26, 2011

Getting close!!!

We are getting close to leaving for our trip... Just 11 hours until we leave our house! But even more exciting ... The boys are getting closer and closer to crawling!!! Check out these strong boys! Will is in gray and Jack is in orange.

They are both able to get up on all fours and rock back and forth. I think they are going to coordinate arms and legs soon! They are determined little guys!!

(By the way... I'm testing out a blog from Justin's new iPad! I hope it works so I don't have to drag along my laptop!! But if the pictures are formatted weird, that is why!)

Have a great memorial day weekend! I'll do my best to blog from our trip!

**Checking from my laptop ... not great with formatting and little pictures. Hmm... hopefully I'll figure it out!  Hope you still enjoy! =)

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