May 19, 2011

Dedication Weekend

This past weekend of the boys' dedication was amazing!!  We had so much fun with our family in town, and the boys were spoiled like crazy!  Sadly, my brother was really sick, so we didn't get to spend much time with him to keep the boys healthy! =( 
Here are some fun pics from the weekend ...
(Thanks Joy for taking so many great ones!)

Ryley holding Jack ... she is such a GREAT help with the boys!
Justin and I thought she should just move in! =)
Mammaw, Will, and Ryley having fun on the swing!
Ryley helping me cook dinner ... seriously ... I need her to live in Texas!

Aunt Joy with the boys
Will and Ryley watching Baby Einstein
Jack watching in his 'recliner' chair!
Will after his bath ...
And Jack ... he had a post-bath fountain on Daddy's shirt! =(
Daddy and his boys!

Cutest little faces ever!
Jack with the special toy that Ryley gave the boys!
Will ... showing everyone his rolling skills!
After the boys went to bed, we had fun playing games!
Pappaw and Will ... special cuddle time!
Three generations of Steiner men!
Play time ... we spend a lot of time down on the floor!
Mammaw and Jack ... he loved it when she whistled to him!
More swing time!
The grandmas feeding the boys!

 And now for the big event ... our boys' dedication!

We attempted a family picture before we left for church

Waiting to go up on stage ... the boys were 2 out of 11 babies being dedicated this week!
We were on the end, kind of in the dark, but it was fine with us!
Our pastor John, praying for the boys.
(I have a great video coming of the dedication!)

After the service, we had a reception where everyone got to spend time with the boys.
Thanks SO much Mom and Dad for setting everything up!  It wouldn't have been the perfect
day without your help!!!
Daddy and sleepy Will ... they made it 1 1/2 hours after their bedtime, and didn't really cry!
Sweet family picture ...
Notice the jammies!
 (The boys went through 3 outfits during the 3 hours we were at church!)

I can't really begin to describe how special dedicating our boys to the Lord was to me.  I really began dreaming of this day very soon after we lost Jonathan. I told Justin that I couldn't wait to be able to give our next child to the Lord in our church, and I never dreamed that it would be twins!  God has blessed us with these precious miracles, and there isn't a day or even moment that goes by that I don't think about how incredibly lucky I am to be their mommy! I pray that He will give us wisdom in raising them to be caring, honest, strong men of God!

It was so special having our family, our church family, and so many amazing friends, and even some from afar, supporting us.  We are so grateful for all the support and prayers! Thank you to our families for being here with us! We love you!


The Toole Family said...

Love the pictures. I have a little something coming for the boys, just a little behind... Our trip to Disney got me a little off schedule.

Gene Steiner said...

What a wonderful weekend we all had! Thanks for sharing the pics.
We love you all.

jolene said...

wish with all my heart we could have been there. my heart is so full knowing you and your journey. now i just need to meet the boys!!! i hope you show them my picture everyday. ha. just kidding, well, maybe a least once and a while. :)