May 29, 2011

CA Part 1: The Flight

We are right now in our rental van, driving from Oakland to my favorite Central CA coast town of Cayucos. Thanks to my hubby's cool new iPad, I can blog about our trip during our trip! So, since we have long drives every few days, I'm going to attempt to keep you updated!!

-----Part 1: The Flight

What a wonderful start to our trip to California! I was definitely nervous about getting the boys out here. I've heard horror stories about screaming babies on planes, and have been on my share of long plane rides with fussy babies around me. So I wasn't sure if I'd end up being one of those frazzled moms. But I was pleasantly surprised and proud that my boys did so well!

My dad was wonderful to drive us to the airport and help us with the boys while we checked in our bags. Of course we didn't get a picture of our whole set up (3 suitcases, 2 carry-ons, 2 large car seat backpacks, and the double stroller with the boys), but we will be sure to on the way home!

Even though the boys weren't too happy to be in their stroller while were waiting go through security ...

... Once were through and they were in our arms, they were happy campers!! When we were at the gate, we found a little corner to hang our in, change diapers, make bottles, and wait for the plane!

The flight was scheduled to be two legs, with a stop in Albuquerque on the plane. I was nervous, but I was so surprised and relieved (and proud!) that the boys did a fabulous job!!! I'm sure the people who sat near us weren't too thrilled to be near twin babies at first, but were all smiles to us at the end of each flight! The boys had a few fussy times, but for the most part, were all smiles, giggles, and sweetness! They each took a nap on each flight, and were happy to be entertained by our baby apps on our iPhones and play with their little toys! We even had multiple people sitting around us making silly faces at the boys that made them smile even more!

What angel babies we have!! And the best compliment of all, near the end of the second flight, when I was rocking Jack in the galley, one of the flight attendants said, "If only all babies were as well behaved as yours are! They have been great and are just so adorable!" Nothing like a sweet compliment that made the is mama so proud!!

We were met at the airport by my mom, my Aunt Sharon, and my cousins Senna and Cica. I think they were all happy to be the first ones to meet the boys!!

What a great first flight with the boys! I'm thankful that God answered my prayers and allowed us all to have a great trip!

Justin got our van, and we were quickly off to get to see the rest of the family! Part 2: Family Time--coming soon!

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Tena said...

Yeah! What a testament to good parenting and planning that you made! So glad the flights went well and the boys were happy.
And, those boys ARE so cute, by the way!