May 2, 2011

8 Months Old!!

I find it so hard to believe that my babies are already 8 months old!!!  How can they be just 4 short months away from being 1 year old??  

Will in blue, Jack in green

I keep telling Justin that I'm going to cry because they are growing up so quickly!  He (lovingly) reminded me that they are still just 8 months old, not 1 yet, and not 18 years old leaving home already.  Oh how this mommy's mind isn't looking forward to these precious little lives growing up so quickly!

These are some seriously happy babies, and I LOVE it!!!  We smile and giggle a lot during the day, and the boys are super-quick to give Daddy the biggest smiles when he gets home from work!  

What the boys have been doing this month:

--Rolling over like crazy!  They go both directions, and Jack especially likes rolling onto his brother! They were still hating tummy time last month, but they love getting themselves into tummy time now!  They have also been rolling over onto their tummies in their cribs when they sleep!  Too cute when they are on their tummy with their thumb in their mouth! The rolling over does make diaper changes a little challenging...can you say wrestling?!

--Trying to figure out how to get themselves to something, like a toy.  They can roll towards something, reach for it, grab it, but still haven't figured out how to scoot to it.  They are SO strong, and we know once they figure out how to do it, they are going to be everywhere!  There were a couple times that Jack had his toosh up, knees under him, and I was sure he was going for it...but, he went backwards, away from the toy! Cracked me up!  The scooting/crawling will be here soon!

--Drooling and chomping on EVERYTHING!  I thought for sure their teeth would have been in by now, with the crazy gum-biting they do on anything they can get in their little hands, but they are still toothless.  I know it's just a matter of time now!

--Pulling on any long hair they can find, especially Mommy's!  I can't tell you how many times a day I pry my hair out of their grip!  And then clean the hairs they got out of their fists!  Even though sometimes it gets old, I love it!  Many times, they get two handfuls of my hair and then pull my face to them, giggle, and then give me a huge, slobbery kiss!  Melts my heart!

--Growing!  I just moved them into size 3 diapers and 6-9 month clothes!  They go in tomorrow for their official weigh/measurement check, and I'm sure they are going to be big!  I'll post the details tomorrow!

--Eating 2 food meals a day, and 4 bottles.  They eat about 32 oz of formula a day, oatmeal and bananas for breakfast, and a fruit and vegetable for lunch.  I'm thinking I'm going to start adding to that, because they are sometimes still acting hungry!  

--Going to bed earlier.  During the last part of this month, they have really seemed to want to go to bed earlier at night.  We were putting them down between 7:30-8, but now it is more like 7-7:30.  I don't really want them to go to be too early, because most days Daddy doesn't get home until 6:45 or so. =(  But with the going to bed earlier, they seem to be waking up a bit earlier (6:45-7), so I think we'll just do breakfast a little earlier so Daddy can help and have time with his boys!  It will all work!

--Being great little boys out and about!  We have been to restaurants, church, and our lifegroup many times now, and they do a great job!!  We spend a little time out in the lobby during church, but all in all, we are so impressed at how well they do out!  It is so much fun taking them out!

--They love being able to touch each other...a hand, a foot...they always seem to get comfort from touching!  So cute!

--Peek-a-boo! They are starting to get peek-a-boo!  They love the surprise of us popping out from somewhere and surprising them!  They just laugh and giggle!!  The video below is Justin playing peek-a-boo with Will.

These boys are just so much fun! We continue to love every moment!  I constantly remind myself to cherish each moment...the moments are passing way too quickly. I wanted nothing but this for YEARS, and I definitely don't want to take any moment for granted!

Love you, my precious boys!!


Amber said...

A friend of mine sent me to your blog...your babies are absolutely adorable!! I am nearly 32 weeks pregnant with twin boys (on bedrest!) and seeing these sweet faces of your babies makes me even more excited! I'm a new follower - thanks for sharing those cute pics!

Jessica said...

Al, they're so big!! We must make a plan for a visit, before they ARE 18 and leaving the house!!