May 25, 2011

2 more sleeps...

... Until we are off to California!

I am so excited about this trip that I can hardly sleep! Literally ... I lay up, or wake up, thinking about all the details of our trip, packing, etc.  I am definitely a planner, but I'm a little frustrated that my body seems to think it must plan all night long as well! =(

So I think I've thought through all I need to bring/do to make sure the boys have everything for 8 days.  I think we'll survive the week without their large baby pen, their baby einstein activity centers, their high chairs, baskets of toys, and their cribs! I know they'll be plenty of hands to hold and laps to cuddle on!  My only 'worry' left are the flights.  We are flying Southwest and have only one stop, but we won't exit the plane.  The doctor gave us tips about having their bottles during take off and landing for their ears, and I have plenty of toys, distractions, and extra formula packed.  I'm just thinking about my active little boys who love to wiggle, stand, roll, jump, and the fact that they don't really like to fall asleep anywhere but their cribs lately ... it should be a fun few hours in the air!

Any tips for this first time flying-with-twins mom from all you mommy experts out there?  I'd love any that you could give!


Anonymous said...

I used to fly often for work and I really appreciated mothers who gave their young ones Baby Benedryl. It's harmless and effective. Kim

Gene Steiner said...

Yes... anything that can open up their sinuses / ears. We used to use child's novafed - like Sudafed. Otherwise, the pain of the air pressure changes causes babies to cry. The Novafed allowed them to become drowsy as well for a better experience.

Praying for you all as you travel! Love you all lots!