April 12, 2011

Working Hard!

The boys have done a great job this week with their tummy time!  Starting last Monday, Jack decided that laying on his back was no fun anymore...it was time for him to start rolling over to his tummy all.the.time!!!  And when I put him onto his tummy, he cries and wants nothing to do with it.  My independent boy...he wants to do tummy time on his own!  And Will decided on Wednesday that it was time for him to join brother and put himself into tummy time also!  My big boys!  We are going to need to get some gates soon!  I have a feeling they are working hard to figure out how to roll!

And they have even figured that it is fun to roll over and sleep on their tummies also!

Will has also done something cute this week that I just can't seem to get a picture of...whenever he is laying on his back, he crosses his legs and just chills!  It is so adorable!! I'll try to get a picture of it this week!

We have also enjoyed some great walks out in this beautiful weather!  The boys really seem to like it, and most of the time, it becomes an outdoor nap for one or the other! 

Over the last two weeks, the boys have added prunes, butternut squash, and green beans to their menu! So far, so good!  And lucky for mommy, no one has spit anything out at me!

Betsy and the boys watching me eat!

The boys got these adorable onesies from Aunt Joy, Uncle Ryan, and Ryley.  I figured that even though it isn't football season, we'd better wear them before the boys outgrew them!

Will was happy to cheer for the Broncos...

Jack...not so much.  I guess he is just a good Texan boy...and a Cowboys fan!

These boys are such fun!!  They are so much more mobile than they were just a few weeks ago!  I'm thinking someone is going to figure out how to get their legs under them soon and really start moving!  Yikes!!  I have more great pictures, but I'll have to do another post!  Have to get this one up now!  


Joy said...

So sweet!! We can't wait to see them! Why doesn't Jack like the Broncos?? Maybe it's because he needs Uncle Ryan to come hold him again and talk some sense into him. :-)

erickson family said...

love it. wish i could go on walks with you guys! :) sounds like they are eating like troopers! :)

Tena said...

Yeah!! So glad for the update! Such BIG boys to give Mommy a run for her money!

Sonia said...

How cute! and how fun!! They are just too adorable! Way to go mommy!

Jodi said...

they are sooo cute!!!!! And yes, they need to wear those adorable Bronco shirts for a long time!!! We used these for all the kids (well, except Jorja) they work great!


Jenny Brannan said...

Super cute! They'll be walking before you know it! And then what are we going to do?!?