April 13, 2011

Restaurants and wrestling!

This week the boys have enjoyed (and done really well!) at their first 2 times eating out at a restaurant!  They have now been to Mexican and Italian!  I was a little bit worried that we would be the ones at a restaurant with 2 screaming babies, but surprisingly, they hardly cried at all!  They slept most of the time, and last night, were happy to be passed to whoever was finished eating!  Way to go boys!

The boys have also enjoyed their first (I'm sure of many!) wrestling match!  We were changing their diapers and getting them ready for bed, and this is what happened!

 It started out so innocently...

Angelic faced naked babies...

Jack looking so sweet and innocents...
 And then it was on!!!

Jack grabbing Will's head

Trying to gnaw on it...

And ending in a (blurry) headlock!
Phew...I'm sure we're going to have many of these
to ref through the years! =)

Just a little peek at a position I'm in quite a lot during the day!!

Sunday we were invited to a reunion at the NICU where the boys spent their first 2 months!  It was such fun to get to see many of the nurses who took care of our boys and show the boys off! They were so happy to see how big they had gotten!

They started the reunion sound asleep!

Jack and Mommy

Will and Daddy

I meant to get a picture of Jack with his nametag on also, but he was fussy, so we just got Will.
Silly, but I  their first nametags were adorable!!
The boys have continued to get stronger every day with the amount of tummy time they have been doing! They roll all the time, and are really have fun seeing their toys from a different angle!

Jack in the activity center

Will on his tummy, peeking up at mommy! 
And last but not least, Marcia, my mom's cousin sent the boys these onesies, and they finally fit into them!  How cute are these little cowpokes?!  Look closely at their shirts...they're riding longhorn cattle!! What cute little Texans!  Thanks so much, Marcia!

Will and Jack
Friday afternoon we are leaving for Tulsa...our first road trip!!  We are so excited to get out of town with the boys!  I haven't been anywhere since I got pregnant, and now that they boys are in the clear from RSV season, we are outta here! =)  The boys are going to have fun with their Mammaw and Pappaw and getting to meet some special people! Hopefully they'll do as well in the car as they usually do...they are great car riders!  Wish me luck on packing our car up! I'm sure I'll pack too much, but oh well!  I guess its better to have more than enough than not enough!


Brady said...

you look great!!!! and congrats on more weight loss, but again, you look great!!!!!

it's so great to see you out and about!
have a great road trip! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Brady said...

okay - I'm not Brady, nor was I in the last comment - guess Brady forgot to log out! :) hahaha!

- Jodi

Gene said...

Yay! We are really looking forward to your visit to T-town and Mammaw and Pappaw's house this weekend. What fun! Have a safe and pleasant trip! We love you all!

Jenny Brannan said...

So cute! Love the wrestling match. Can't wait to see those cuties in person! Love you Al!

Sonia said...

Cute Cute Cute!!! Love the post!! Gotta love the wretling matches! Randy and Lexy do that a lot... but as of right now it's usually sister that get's it started and since she is more mobile than brother, poor brother gets picked on! :-) Too fun! Twins are double the fun that's for sure!! Way to go mommy!! Good luck with the road trip! Have fun!!! Enjoy showing those babies off! They are absolutely adorable!