April 25, 2011

Our Easter!

Happy Easter to all!  What a wonderful day to celebrate our risen Savior!  I hope that you had a special day with family and friends!  

We spent a special Easter weekend with my parents at their house. (Thanks for your hospitality Mom and Dad!!) We all went to our church on Saturday night, and the boys really did well!  It was their first Easter, and they really were on their best behavior!  It is so much fun being able to take them places and really have them act so well!  After, we went to eat at a fun mexican restaurant, and again, they did a wonderful job while we all ate!  What great boys we have!

Here are a couple pictures of the boys' first Easter...They didn't really want to look much at the camera because they were starting to get tired, but I like the pictures anyway!

Jack, Mommy & Will

Justin holding Will, Jack trying to figure
out if he could chew on my wrist!

The boys are definitely teething, and we are expecting a tooth or two to pop through any day now! They are chomping down on anything and EVERYTHING!
It's been awhile since I posted a video, so here are a couple cute ones from the last few days!

This one is super cute of the boys playing in their activity centers and playing with each other!

And here is Will's first ride on Daddy shoulders!

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Audra said...

Love love love the picture of you with your arms full of baby boys!!! What a fun Easter!