April 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Mammaw!

The boys want to say, 
"Happy Birthday Mammaw!! We love you so much!"

Kathy-we hope you have a fantastic birthday today!  We all love you so much, and we had a great time with you guys this weekend!  

We had a GREAT first trip out of town with our boys!  They were both great little travelers-sleeping most of the way up to Tulsa, and all the way back!   We were able to introduce the boys to many special people up there, and the boys were definitely showing off--smiles and giggles for all!

 Out for a family walk on Saturday
 Mammaw and Mommy feeding the boys some yummy oatmeal and pears!
 Will really enjoying the pears...especially since they were coming from Mammaw!

Will starting on coffee early... not if Mommy has anything to do with it! =)

 Pappaw and the boys

Shari and Will... boy did he love her!  She got all sorts of giggles!

Will and Jack in their cute summer rompers
 The next shirts say it all...thanks Auntie Kristen and Uncle Aaron!

A great weekend... happy boys... and the day after the trip went well!  I guess I can relax a little bit knowing that the boys will do a great job on our trip next month!  Now if only mommy can figure out how to pack everything we need for an airplane ride!  We filled our van for this trip, so I'm not quite sure how we'll pare down!  =)


Jodi said...

ohhh those smiles just make my day!!! Sooo glad that you had such a nice trip!!! You are Truly Blessed sista!

erickson family said...

ah! i want to hold them!