April 27, 2011

Great advice!

Thank you so much everyone for all the great advice on tooth/gum care!  I had not even thought about it until yesterday, and I'm happy to hear what I need to be doing!  We are wiping gums with a washcloth now, and a oral care set is ordered and on the way for each of them!  Thank you for all the great tips!  My boys' teeth and gums thank you too! =)
I was looking back through some pictures that were taken last week, and realized that I forgot to post 2 very cute ones!  Now if anyone posted a picture of me asleep, I would just die, but my hubby looks nice and peaceful asleep!  So of course, I had to post!  Hope it's okay, Love!

One day last week, Will was fussy pretty early.  I needed to take a shower, so I told Justin just to keep an ear on the monitor.  I went in and took my shower, and when I came back out, this is what I saw...
How precious are my guys??
And a short video...Will was having so much fun eating his Gigi's knee!  It was too cute!


mrs.math said...

aw. love the picture of the boys. :) so sweet.

erickson family said...

oops. wrong email. :) -jolene