April 1, 2011


Can't you just hear William Wallace from Braveheart in your head??  'Freedom' is what we're yelling from the rooftops here in the Steiner household today! (Along with happy 7 months to our big boys--post coming later)

We have officially made it to the all clear...we are out of RSV season!!  According to the NICU and the boys' doctors, October to April is the high-risk season for RSV for preemies, and that was our time requirement for house arrest.  And like the type-A rule follower that I am, I can honestly say that I followed the rules 99% of the time!  Other than taking the boys out for doctor's appointments, I think I only broke the rules a total of 5 times, one of those being today!  I think that is pretty good for 5 whole months!

The truth is that it really wasn't that bad staying home 99% of the time!  I thought I would get antsy to be out an about, but for the most part, it is actually just a whole lot easier just to be home! We have really missed our friends and especially going to church, but, you parents know how much work it is to go anywhere!  And with two...sheesh...it's a 30 minute process! Getting the boys fed, changed, and sufficiently burped before loading into the carseat...prepping the diaper bag, bottles, and mommy too...loading everything and everyone into the car...hoping they'll still get their nap while you're driving...and then getting them out of the car, into the stroller...you get it!  Quite the process! So really, staying home is just easier!

But we're free, and I am so excited to be able to take my boys places, to FINALLY get to show them off to all our friends, and to be a complete family in public! I'm looking forward to the challenge of becoming a pro at getting us places with ease.  I'm so looking forward to getting back to our church (even though they still won't be going into the nursery for awhile). I'm sure we'll still just be hanging out at home a lot, but it is just great knowing we CAN go somewhere if we want to!

But the very best part about it all...

It was absolutely worth it!

The boys have been 100% healthy!  No RSV, flu, cold, cough...nothing!  I know that will change, and it is probably only a matter of time before they share their first sniffles, but at least we have made it through without anyone getting sick! God has definitely protected our boys!

Just had to share the good news! Freedom!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I'm thrilled for you guys that your "house arrest" is over! The boys look amazing and you guys have a lot to be proud of! Good job!
I hope your spring is fun filled.... don't sweat getting out of the house.... it will become second nature soon enough! Enjoy this time.... it goes by too fast :)

Jodi said...

yahoo!!! Doing the happy dance with y'all!!!! Love your baby updates too (though I haven't commented in a while - sorry!) Love to see them grow and are soooo healthy!!! Love to all the Steiners!

Sonia said...

YEAH!!! That's so great!!! I'm so happy for you!! And way to go on not getting sick!! That's awsome! Enjoy your time out!

P.S. Twins Rock!! :-) :-)

Jenny Brannan said...

Al, once again, impressed by you and your positive attitude! You are an incredible human and have become the best mommy to Jack and Will. Love you!!

TN Bakers said...

wow girl I have NO idea how you did that, but I'm so impressed of my little rule-follower roomie :) can't wait to see the boys in a couple weeks, and you too of course!