April 21, 2011

Betsy is 7!

Our precious Betsy is 7 years old today!!  47 in in dog years!!  (I thought it was the human age x 7, but this website said otherwise!)  So happy birthday to our middle-aged sweetie pie!

I cannot tell you how much we love this dog!  (But I'm sure you might have had a little clue, especially if you have been a reader of this blog pre-twins!)  Justin and I definitely know that God gave her to us 7 years ago.  She has always been the sweetest, best, most caring little dog, but she has also been our comfort.  We have gone through a lot of really hard times emotionally during the past 6+ years, and our sensitive Betsy has been right by our sides.  She cuddled with me when all I could do was lay in my bed and cry. She played with us and acted silly when we needed to smile.  She let us love on her when we needed something to fill our empty arms.  And she is now giving her unconditional love and gentleness to our boys--without any hint of jealousy!

I know a lot of people just don't understand the bond you can have with an animal.  Honestly, even though I had animals growing up, I really didn't either--until Betsy!  She has been our furry child, our precious girl, and the best little dog we could have ever imagined being a part of our lives!

We love you, sweet Betsy girl, and pray that God lets us keep you for MANY more years!  Happy Birthday!


erickson family said...

aw! i've never seen those puppy pictures before. sooo cute. :)

Joy said...

Happy birthday, Betsy! We love you too, and you were the reason I agreed our family should have our own dog. So Juliet thanks you too!!

Ryley Moore said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BETSY!!! You are the the reason why I wanted a girl Cocker Spaniel! You looked just like Juliet when you were a puppy!

carolinagirl said...

Cooper says, "Ha-paw B-ruff day, Betsy!"!!! Cooper will be 4 on May 1st.

Kristen said...

Happy Birthday Betsy!! She is such a special puppy!! i really don't think there is a cuter, sweeter , precious-er little lady! I hope she got a lot of DINGOS...Bella will send some in the mail! Here's to 7 more years!