April 2, 2011

7 Months Old!

 My babies are 7 months old!!!  I just can't believe how fast their lives are flying by!  We are absolutely enjoying and relishing every single moment...

This month the boys have continued to make huge gains, and are just seeming so grown up!

-As of their last weigh in, Will was 16 lbs 6 oz and Jack was 16 lbs 5 oz and both 26 3/4 inches long.  Since that was a few weeks ago, I'm pretty sure that they are pushing 17 lbs...at least!  They are big boys!

-Still in size 2 diapers...Huggies during the day, and Pampers (they run larger) for overnights!

-They eat about 32 oz of formula a day, and are now both enjoying solid foods!  Now on their menu is rice cereal, oatmeal, bananas, avocados, and sweet potatoes! As of right now, they eat about a tablespoon or two of oatmeal and a tablespoon of a fruit or vegetable at lunch time. We will continue to add foods over the next few weeks!

-The boys LOVE their feet!  This month they really have discovered them, and spend a majority of their time pulling them up, sucking on them, and even putting them in each other's faces and mouths!  It is just too cute!

-They love their exersaucer and their doorway jumpers!  They have so much fun discovering all the toys they can sit and play with! We don't last too long in either one right now, but it is a nice change of pace from the play mat!

-Neither boys is yet a fan of tummy time.  We have tummy time daily, and are working hard on upping the time they are able to lay on their stomachs.  Will has a little bit more core strength than Jack does right now. He can push himself up on his arms more than Jack can, and is more willing to stay on his tummy. Just today, he rolled himself over back to front, pushed himself up on his arms and played for a bit, then turned back over onto his back!  I was so happy to watch him do all that completely on his own!  Jack is definitely working hard though to catch up with his brother...you can tell he really wants to be able to hold his head up longer to see his toy that I have up by his head!  Oh my big-headed boys!  It's definitely hard work holding up those heads! =)

-They are great night time sleepers--sleeping 11-12 hours a night!  Mommy and Daddy are VERY happy!! Daytime naps--usually 3 or 4 are pretty regular, but not exactly on a schedule yet.  They take some sort of nap after each of their daytime bottles and after playing for a bit.  In the last month, Will has definitely been the better sleeper.  Especially in the last few weeks, Jack has decided that catnaps work just fine for him!  Makes it a little bit hard for Mommy to get too much done, but that's alright!  If it means that I get to sleep all night, I'll take it!

-They are out of RSV season and passed with flying colors!  No sickness so far for our healthy boys!  We're hoping to give them a bit more time to build up their immune system before they catch something, but now that we're out an about, I have a hunch its just a matter of time! =(

-They absolutely LOVE standing!  They are not too much interested in sitting, so we are always holding them up so they can stand like big boys!  It is so much fun watching them look around from this position, studying everything and everyone that they can see!   They are just taking everything in!

-They love to smile!  Of course, not too much for cameras, but they are super-smiley babies!  They smile, laugh, and giggle all day!  We are so blessed to have such happy babies!

-Still no teeth breaking through the skin, but they are definitely on their way!  We have lots of drool and chomping in the Steiner household!


My parents helped me (attempt) to get some fun 7 month pictures of them.  They are just so wiggly right now, it is definitely hard to get ones without arms, legs, or heads in motion!

With our pals, Frog and Dog

and for comparison...look how big frog and dog looked at 7 weeks!!

Happy boys!
Jack telling Will a secret!
Mmm...Your hand tastes great Will!



These boys are just delightful in every way!  I just love their little personalities, and it is so much fun to watch them figuring out their world!  7 months old...it has definitely gone much too quickly!


Kristen said...

So precious! I can't wait to love on them in June!!!

Brian and Dara said...

SO stinkin CUTE!!!! I love hearing how awesome they are doing and to see how much they are growing. Love you!