April 27, 2011

Great advice!

Thank you so much everyone for all the great advice on tooth/gum care!  I had not even thought about it until yesterday, and I'm happy to hear what I need to be doing!  We are wiping gums with a washcloth now, and a oral care set is ordered and on the way for each of them!  Thank you for all the great tips!  My boys' teeth and gums thank you too! =)
I was looking back through some pictures that were taken last week, and realized that I forgot to post 2 very cute ones!  Now if anyone posted a picture of me asleep, I would just die, but my hubby looks nice and peaceful asleep!  So of course, I had to post!  Hope it's okay, Love!

One day last week, Will was fussy pretty early.  I needed to take a shower, so I told Justin just to keep an ear on the monitor.  I went in and took my shower, and when I came back out, this is what I saw...
How precious are my guys??
And a short video...Will was having so much fun eating his Gigi's knee!  It was too cute!

April 26, 2011

On the mind...

My sweet boys are down for a long morning nap (already an hour!) so I'm getting things done around the house!  After many days of inconsistent napping lengths, I feel like we're finally beginning to establish a pattern of a morning nap, and afternoon nap, sometimes an evening nap, and only rarely little catnaps in between!  I've changed the boys from 5 bottles a day, 3 hours apart to 4 bottles a day, 4 hours apart. It seems to have done the trick! Ahh--it is nice to have blocks of time when things can get done!
The boys still don't have any teeth popping through yet. They like to smile while rubbing their gums together, and we can see that teeth are definitely getting closer to the surface!  Jack was pretty fussy yesterday, so I'm thinking it is just a matter of time!  Once the teeth do pop through, do you brush them?  The little speck of tooth that you can see?  When does tooth brushing need to start?  Moms?  Any advice??
I love Craigs.list!!! I went crazy yesterday and listed about 8 separate ads for baby things and a variety of other things around the house! And I have plans to list 5 or 6 more things today!  We have already sold 2 major things, and I have another lady coming this afternoon to buy more! As my neighbor said, Craigs.list is addictive!! =) But it is so nice to clean out some of the stuff around and get a little bit of $$ to use for the next purchases!  I've bought great stuff off the site as well--such deals!  I'm so not in need of things to always be brand new, so this is definitely the way to go for me! Love it!!
I've been keeping diligent with my Weight Watchers journey, and as of this morning, I've lost 13 pounds!!!  It is so motivating to see that number on the scale going down!  I'm really feeling so much better already, and am looking forward to even more of the clothes in my closet fitting! =)
I love the Beaba baby cooker.  Thanks to my wonderful twin mommy friend Shannon, I am getting to use hers to make great food for my boys! I whipped up another batch of applesauce this morning, and over the last week have also made butternut squash, asparagus, and sweet potatoes! So fun and easy!
They boys have their first "date" today with two lovely little ladies!  My friend Amy is bringing over her two little ones this afternoon to play with the boys, and I'm super excited!  Lucy is just a few months older than the boys, and Imma-Jane is 3.  I'm hoping Lucy's crawling/sitting skills will motivate the boys to work on their skills! Pictures to come!
There is something super exciting coming up for us, but I'm not going to share it just yet!  No...it isn't news of any further children in the Steiner family (yet!)!  A few more details have yet to be worked out, but when they are, I'll fill you in! =)  
And just because a post wouldn't be complete without at least one picture of the cutest boys around...
Will (AKA Future Pro Surfer)
Jack (AKA Future Beach Bum)
Thanks to our good friends Kay and Sid for bringing back these adorable bibs from California!  Also notice the Football and Basketball duckies!  Encouraging these boys into all the right things! =)  Thanks for the sweet gifts!

Hope you are having a great week so far!

April 25, 2011

Our Easter!

Happy Easter to all!  What a wonderful day to celebrate our risen Savior!  I hope that you had a special day with family and friends!  

We spent a special Easter weekend with my parents at their house. (Thanks for your hospitality Mom and Dad!!) We all went to our church on Saturday night, and the boys really did well!  It was their first Easter, and they really were on their best behavior!  It is so much fun being able to take them places and really have them act so well!  After, we went to eat at a fun mexican restaurant, and again, they did a wonderful job while we all ate!  What great boys we have!

Here are a couple pictures of the boys' first Easter...They didn't really want to look much at the camera because they were starting to get tired, but I like the pictures anyway!

Jack, Mommy & Will

Justin holding Will, Jack trying to figure
out if he could chew on my wrist!

The boys are definitely teething, and we are expecting a tooth or two to pop through any day now! They are chomping down on anything and EVERYTHING!
It's been awhile since I posted a video, so here are a couple cute ones from the last few days!

This one is super cute of the boys playing in their activity centers and playing with each other!

And here is Will's first ride on Daddy shoulders!

April 21, 2011

Betsy is 7!

Our precious Betsy is 7 years old today!!  47 in in dog years!!  (I thought it was the human age x 7, but this website said otherwise!)  So happy birthday to our middle-aged sweetie pie!

I cannot tell you how much we love this dog!  (But I'm sure you might have had a little clue, especially if you have been a reader of this blog pre-twins!)  Justin and I definitely know that God gave her to us 7 years ago.  She has always been the sweetest, best, most caring little dog, but she has also been our comfort.  We have gone through a lot of really hard times emotionally during the past 6+ years, and our sensitive Betsy has been right by our sides.  She cuddled with me when all I could do was lay in my bed and cry. She played with us and acted silly when we needed to smile.  She let us love on her when we needed something to fill our empty arms.  And she is now giving her unconditional love and gentleness to our boys--without any hint of jealousy!

I know a lot of people just don't understand the bond you can have with an animal.  Honestly, even though I had animals growing up, I really didn't either--until Betsy!  She has been our furry child, our precious girl, and the best little dog we could have ever imagined being a part of our lives!

We love you, sweet Betsy girl, and pray that God lets us keep you for MANY more years!  Happy Birthday!

April 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Mammaw!

The boys want to say, 
"Happy Birthday Mammaw!! We love you so much!"

Kathy-we hope you have a fantastic birthday today!  We all love you so much, and we had a great time with you guys this weekend!  

We had a GREAT first trip out of town with our boys!  They were both great little travelers-sleeping most of the way up to Tulsa, and all the way back!   We were able to introduce the boys to many special people up there, and the boys were definitely showing off--smiles and giggles for all!

 Out for a family walk on Saturday
 Mammaw and Mommy feeding the boys some yummy oatmeal and pears!
 Will really enjoying the pears...especially since they were coming from Mammaw!

Will starting on coffee early... not if Mommy has anything to do with it! =)

 Pappaw and the boys

Shari and Will... boy did he love her!  She got all sorts of giggles!

Will and Jack in their cute summer rompers
 The next shirts say it all...thanks Auntie Kristen and Uncle Aaron!

A great weekend... happy boys... and the day after the trip went well!  I guess I can relax a little bit knowing that the boys will do a great job on our trip next month!  Now if only mommy can figure out how to pack everything we need for an airplane ride!  We filled our van for this trip, so I'm not quite sure how we'll pare down!  =)

April 13, 2011

Weight Watchers

Oh my word...a post that isn't about the boys!  I did two posts today though, so don't forget to read the blog after this one...Adorable pictures!

I started doing Weight Watchers online almost 2 weeks ago, and I'm so excited!  I've already lost 8 pounds!!  I had finally had it with the baby weight that has been hanging around, and being home all day munching was definitely not helping the number on the scale go down!  We also have the boys' dedication at church next month, as well as a trip out to California to see friends and family.  I didn't want to be still carrying around my pregnancy chub, so it was time for a major change!

I can honestly say that it really hasn't been hard!  I really haven't felt hungry, and we've been eating well! Justin isn't 'officially' on it, but he is happy that I'm cooking healthy and we're both feeling so much better!  I've never done WW before, so I was a little nervous about what the point system would be like to follow.  I get 29 points a day, and 49 flex points extra for the week.  Plus any working out I do can give you more points! I've been walking 3-3.5 miles every other day, so those are adding up too! It is all so simple to calculate with the website and the iphone app, and I'm loving it!

Okay...this is starting to sound like a WW advertisement.  I so don't mean it to be!  I'm just so excited to be seeing these great results so quickly, and I wanted to share! =)  I have 20 more pounds to go to be at my ideal weight, and I'm hoping to be there soon!

(Don't forget to scroll down for a bunch of new pictures!)

Restaurants and wrestling!

This week the boys have enjoyed (and done really well!) at their first 2 times eating out at a restaurant!  They have now been to Mexican and Italian!  I was a little bit worried that we would be the ones at a restaurant with 2 screaming babies, but surprisingly, they hardly cried at all!  They slept most of the time, and last night, were happy to be passed to whoever was finished eating!  Way to go boys!

The boys have also enjoyed their first (I'm sure of many!) wrestling match!  We were changing their diapers and getting them ready for bed, and this is what happened!

 It started out so innocently...

Angelic faced naked babies...

Jack looking so sweet and innocents...
 And then it was on!!!

Jack grabbing Will's head

Trying to gnaw on it...

And ending in a (blurry) headlock!
Phew...I'm sure we're going to have many of these
to ref through the years! =)

Just a little peek at a position I'm in quite a lot during the day!!

Sunday we were invited to a reunion at the NICU where the boys spent their first 2 months!  It was such fun to get to see many of the nurses who took care of our boys and show the boys off! They were so happy to see how big they had gotten!

They started the reunion sound asleep!

Jack and Mommy

Will and Daddy

I meant to get a picture of Jack with his nametag on also, but he was fussy, so we just got Will.
Silly, but I  their first nametags were adorable!!
The boys have continued to get stronger every day with the amount of tummy time they have been doing! They roll all the time, and are really have fun seeing their toys from a different angle!

Jack in the activity center

Will on his tummy, peeking up at mommy! 
And last but not least, Marcia, my mom's cousin sent the boys these onesies, and they finally fit into them!  How cute are these little cowpokes?!  Look closely at their shirts...they're riding longhorn cattle!! What cute little Texans!  Thanks so much, Marcia!

Will and Jack
Friday afternoon we are leaving for Tulsa...our first road trip!!  We are so excited to get out of town with the boys!  I haven't been anywhere since I got pregnant, and now that they boys are in the clear from RSV season, we are outta here! =)  The boys are going to have fun with their Mammaw and Pappaw and getting to meet some special people! Hopefully they'll do as well in the car as they usually do...they are great car riders!  Wish me luck on packing our car up! I'm sure I'll pack too much, but oh well!  I guess its better to have more than enough than not enough!

April 12, 2011

Working Hard!

The boys have done a great job this week with their tummy time!  Starting last Monday, Jack decided that laying on his back was no fun anymore...it was time for him to start rolling over to his tummy all.the.time!!!  And when I put him onto his tummy, he cries and wants nothing to do with it.  My independent boy...he wants to do tummy time on his own!  And Will decided on Wednesday that it was time for him to join brother and put himself into tummy time also!  My big boys!  We are going to need to get some gates soon!  I have a feeling they are working hard to figure out how to roll!

And they have even figured that it is fun to roll over and sleep on their tummies also!

Will has also done something cute this week that I just can't seem to get a picture of...whenever he is laying on his back, he crosses his legs and just chills!  It is so adorable!! I'll try to get a picture of it this week!

We have also enjoyed some great walks out in this beautiful weather!  The boys really seem to like it, and most of the time, it becomes an outdoor nap for one or the other! 

Over the last two weeks, the boys have added prunes, butternut squash, and green beans to their menu! So far, so good!  And lucky for mommy, no one has spit anything out at me!

Betsy and the boys watching me eat!

The boys got these adorable onesies from Aunt Joy, Uncle Ryan, and Ryley.  I figured that even though it isn't football season, we'd better wear them before the boys outgrew them!

Will was happy to cheer for the Broncos...

Jack...not so much.  I guess he is just a good Texan boy...and a Cowboys fan!

These boys are such fun!!  They are so much more mobile than they were just a few weeks ago!  I'm thinking someone is going to figure out how to get their legs under them soon and really start moving!  Yikes!!  I have more great pictures, but I'll have to do another post!  Have to get this one up now!