March 22, 2011


Before I show you pictures of the boys' first tug-of-war experience, I had to share with you a few more fun pictures of the boys from the last couple days!  

Jack had to show off his smile, and the cool onesies they were wearing!  They say, "My Dad has Super Powers!"  So true!

We finally broke out the standing toys last night, and the boys LOVE them!! We have to stuff blankets around them because they can't sit up on their own yet, and it works really well.  Usually their max time limit on any of their toys (except their mats) is about 10 minutes.  But today, Jack (left) played for almost 40 minutes!!  He kept turning himself around looking at and playing with all the toys!  So fun!

Will so happy...and in motion as you can tell from the blurry picture!

Getting a good look at his new toys!

Jack having so much fun! Doesn't he look like such a big boy?
 Getting a little tired...
 This was our lunch time set-up today...Oatmeal AND Bananas!  

 I didn't get a picture of Will (because he was chowing down so fast!), but this one of Jack pretty much shows that he still isn't much interested in food yet.  He took a few bites of bananas and seemed to think they were better than the oatmeal, but he just wanted his bottle.  I just think he's not liking the texture yet. We'll keep trying!  Will finished up almost all of the bananas and all of the oatmeal. What an eater! 

And now for the Tug-of-War...

We were waiting in the doctor's office today, and the boys were having fun! Little did they know shots were coming a few minutes later!  They both were enjoying their tag blankets (thanks Tena!!), and Will decided he needed to have his AND Jack's!  And that started their first tug-of-war!

Will: Hey brother...your blanket looks nice!
Jack: Thanks!  I really like it!
I think I'm going to try to sneak in and get the blanket while brother is looking at mom.
Will: Got it!
Jack: Hey!  That's mine!
Will: I've got to hurry!
Jack: Mine!! Maybe I can pull it. Oh wait, I have to get my thumb into my mouth.
Jack: Yes!  Got it back...and my thumb is in!
Will: Not so fast brother!
Will: Ha Ha!'s mine now!
Jack: Wait a minute!  What just happened??
Will: I have to pull it away.
Jack: How did my blanky get way over there?
Jack: Yes!  All mine!
Will: Not so fast!  My hand still has it!
Jack: I think I've finally gotten it back!
Will: He doesn't know I've still got it, and I've got mine!  This  is the life!
Jack:'s good.  I think I'll just keep my foot on brother to make sure he doesn't try to take my blanky again!
Will: Hee Hee...I'm so sneaky!
Will: I'm so funny Mommy!
Jack: Mom...I'm keeping my blanket on this side of me from now on!

The End.

(ps...We miss you Daddy!!)


Cristina said...

That is hilarious! Miss you, friend...

erickson family said...

that is hilarious. i love the tug of war. twins are so much fun! ps. what pediatrician are you going to?

Audra said...

So funny!!! The boys and I were cracking up! I am thrilled that you are having so much fun and enjoying your dreams come true, what wonderful blessing God had planned for you!

Joy said...

Oh my gosh, that is adorable!!!! I love my sweet nephews! :-)

Tena said...

Awesome! So funny that you got so many pics of the tug of war!!

Joy said...

Ryley says: That was really funny! I made my mommy read it to me twice! Once upon a time, two brothers fought over a blanky. I love my two cousins!

amy (metz) walker said...

I have a feeling you are going to be referee-ing a whole lot of moments like that in your life! ha!

Taryn said...

They are so sweet and getting so big already! Such cute little faces. Just wait until they are two! Fun times ahead!