March 4, 2011


I just had to do a quick post today about my little mover!  He has been cracking us up with the different positions he gets himself into lately...especially during naptime in his crib! 

He is absolutely loving his thumb!  Usually the right one, but this morning, he didn't care...he just wanted one of them in his mouth!  Too cute!

This is typically the position we put him to be in. 

Yesterday I came in and his little legs were hanging out from the side...

And once he saw me sneaking pictures, they started wiggling like crazy! =)

Another time I woke him up...he had turned himself completely around and tried to stick his legs out the other side of the crib! (Sorry about the scary eyes--it was dark in the room!)

And another wake-up...turned around the other way. He had moved from the middle of the crib up to almost the corner!  And of course, the thumb!!
The funny thing about all this moving and crazy positions though is that I never see him move!  I watch the video monitor, but I never really see him in movement...he just appears in a new position each time I look!  Crazy!
And a first...after I changed the boys' diapers, I left Jack to wiggle and play on the blanket while I fed Will, and he sucked his thumb and put himself to sleep!  The boys have never just fallen asleep on the floor like this...they'll usually wiggle and wiggle, getting more and more slow motion, but don't fall asleep.  And he did this 2 times yesterday!!  Wow!

I know you moms out there probably think all these things are so normal, but I'm just so amazed by the things that they are learning to do!  Every day there are more changes, and I'm just taking in every one!  It is so special for me to have the privilege of getting to be home each and every day with my boys...I just don't know what I'd do if I was missing this precious moments!! Thanks Justin for working so hard for us so I can stay home!!  I love you!

And because I just couldn't bring myself to leave Will out, even on a post about Jack, here's a quick video of a not happy William.  They are, most of the time, really happy babies.  I guess that is why I  still think these sad faces and crying are adorable!  Don't worry...right after this, I picked him right up and he was fine again! =)


Ronni said...

Are you kidding? To me, nothing a baby does is ever normal, its always cute/exciting/miraclelous!

I still get excited every time Laney smiles, claps, crawls, [insert anything else she's been doing for several months now].

I always enjoy your posts, thanks for making the time to post them :)

Sonia said...

Love the post!! I know exactly what you mean about each and everything they do is just so amazing and fun and exciting! It's like they are learning something every day and being able to see it all happen is the best feeling in the world. It's crazy to think that we carried these little beings in our bellies and know they have turned into little people that are doing so many things every day that show and express their personalities!!

My Lexy does the same thing that your Jack does. Moves all the time in the crib and puts herself in positions and turns herself in ways that you can only think to yourself and ask "how in the world did you get that way!!" LOL

Babies are just too much fun!!! :-)

Audra said...

Madison has been pulling up and it surprises me to find her standing in in her bed waiting for me get her or laughing at one of her siblings. Even after seeing 5 babies go through all these stages, it's still amazing. It is a great blessing to stay at home and raise our kids and not just for us and the kids, it's wonderful for daddies too!

Dawn said...

There is no such thing as "normal" when it comes to a child. Every moment is a miracle and is even more amazing when it is your own miracle!