March 27, 2011


I made my first batch of homemade baby food this weekend! Thanks Shannon for letting me borrow your babyfood is sure super simple!  My first batch was sweet potatoes, which the boys will be enjoying later this week!
Sweet potatoes!

Betsy was hoping for something to fall on the floor helping!
Yum!  Lunch for a week!

So far the boys eat rice cereal, oatmeal, bananas, and as of today...avocados!  And they actually BOTH liked them!  I think Jack is turning a corner and is going to start trying to eat off the spoon a bit more!

Will scarfing down his oatmeal and bananas! I can't get it in his mouth fast enough!

Yummy!  And a messy face!  Actually, this one was a pretty clean one!

I'm really looking forward to making the majority of what they eat!  I've never been a huge one for organics, etc, but it will be nice to know exactly what is going into their little bodies!  We will mix in jarred food occasionally, so we can be out and about.  But at least for awhile, homemade is our plan!

Happy boys holding hands

And Daddy taught Will some important skills this morning...

Pro already!
Practicing sitting like big boys!

Hope you've had a great weekend!


Cristina said...

Making homemade baby food is so fun! What a good mommy!

Audra said...

I always did my own baby food, even when we were out. Either take some in a small container or at a restaurant order mashed potatoes for them. Sometimes I would take a banana and just mash it up for them.
Madison will not eat baby food, Jake wouldn't either. She wants chopped up not mashed, funny baby! It does feel good to know they they are eating fresh whole foods that haven't been processed!

Jenny Brannan said...

That's awesome! You're such a good mom to those beautiful boys! I can't wait to meet them! And maybe I'll pick your brain on how to make homemade baby food. I think I want to try it. :)