March 20, 2011

Cutie-pie update

My laptop cord broke last week, so it was only intermittently charging my computer. I was afraid that my computer would go dead, so the blog had to wait.  So after a trip to the genius bar at the Apple store today, I'm back in business!  Sorry to have kept you from the cuteness so long! =) Pictures and a video below the update!

This past week Justin's parents came to visit the boys for a few days, and I was able to go help my parents a little bit, during their move!  I've tried to help over the past few weeks of their packing, but with 2 six-month olds, I've been pretty useless!  My parents usually ended up taking a break from their work to feed or play with the boys!  So thanks, Kathy and Gene, for giving me a day to go over and actually be helpful!

Our friend Shannon, also a mommy of twin boys, came last Saturday to take some family pictures and the boys' 6 month pictures.  Of course, my smiley boys did not smile. At. All. Bummer! I can't wait to see how they turned out, even it they are with serious boys! But we'll do some more soon and hopefully get some big boys sitting up with huge smiles on their faces!

The boys have been so much fun this week!  I think every day they are figuring out more new things!  They are both the kings of blowing bubbles now, and the spit is flowing! They are seriously chewing on their is just about all they can do to try to stuff both fists into their mouths at the same time!  Will has become more and more the talker!  He just lays around and talks now, or talks to us when we are holding him!  Of course, his long 'monologues' I haven't gotten on film, but I will do my best to get one this week!  It just amuses us to no end!  They are LOVING their jumpers still.  They both can jump and spin around in them.  They also both like to chew/suck on them as well!  They giggle when I swing them, and they both are getting better at staying in them longer. They are still continuing to sleeping all night long...praise the Lord! We are just amazed that they are such good sleepers!

Will just hanging...
Jack getting a good taste!
Betsy and Will having a good time!
A little worn out from a good play time!
We are improving in the eating department too!  They started oatmeal this weekend, and now will both eat it without crying.  Jack likes about 4-5 bites, and then starts blowing bubbles to signal that he's done.  He really still just loves his bottle and can suck down 6.5 oz in about 10 minutes!  But Will is in love with oatmeal!  2 days in a row now, he has eaten almost the whole bowl by himself!  He opens his mouth really big when the spoon is coming, and really seems to like it!  So we'll go with letting Will eat oatmeal and Jack can have his bottle.  I'm sure he'll get the hang of it soon too!  I'm planning to add in bananas this week...I'm thinking that one might be a favorite for both boys!

Coming up this week the boys have some dr appointments. Tuesday is their last synagis shot!!  Thankfully they have still remained healthy, even though Justin and I both had a bit of a cold this weekend!  So this shot will take us through late April, when we are for sure out of the woods! I'm hoping the dr will give us the all clear to be done with house arrest! I think we're all ready to be 'allowed' out to enjoy our nice spring weather more!

On Wednesday the boys are going for their 4 month (adjusted age) appointment with the developmental pediatrician.  This is the same dr that saw them in the NICU, and I'm looking forward to seeing how she thinks they are doing!  Our pediatrician says that sometimes they give you a worse case scenario, and make you feel like the babies are further behind than they really are.  Our pediatrician is proud of how the boys are doing and thinks they doing really well catching up, so no matter what she says, I know Will and Jack are doing great!

Out for a walk around the neighborhood with mommy--they love being outside!  Especially in our new stroller! They'll be big enough to sit in the big boy seats soon!

Our 1st St. Patrick's day...Mommy blew it and didn't get a picture with the bibs.  Oops!
Happy St. Patrick's!  Like our green?  We were little (adorable and sweet) monsters!
Jack is my wiggle worm!  I was trying to get him just to smile, and he just wiggled around!  Look at his arms and legs...practically a blur!
Will likes to stay still and smile for the camera!

Justin is gone until Thursday this week for work, and none of us are looking forward to it. =( The boys are definitely going to miss their time with Daddy!

But, thankfully, my parents are in town, and love every excuse to spend more time with the boys! So we are going to have a couple extra sets of hands to help me out while daddy is gone!  

I was out in the front yard weeding the flower beds tonight and the boys had a great time out there in the nice weather!  Jack was about done by the time this video was taken, but Will was so excited!!

Phew...this was a long one!  Can't believe we're in the countdown to 7 months old!  How in the world are they over half way to a year old?!  These boys are just the best!


The Toole Family said...

They are adorable. Glad to see that the blankets I sent you come in handy.... Where are your parents moving? not too far away I hope...

Suz said...

Seriously, can they get any cuter? And oh my word your header! That pic of the boys is to die for!!!!