March 1, 2011

6 months old!!

Half a year!! How are we there already?!  These boys continue to fill our lives with such joy, and we love watching them discover new things, and all of the amazing things they are able to do themselves!

They weren't too into the picture shoot today. =(  They are super happy in the morning, but I wasn't about to attempt it by myself.  We waited until Daddy got home and before their last bottle, usually when they are giving him huge smiles.  But, of course, tonight Will had woken up early from his nap and wasn't too much in the mood.  So not many smiles this time, but that's okay! (Remember, Will has the blue sticker in all these pictures)

He was not having anything to do with sitting on the couch!

Jack was sitting pretty well, but kept toppling forward in slow motion.
 And together on the couch...not so much!

But they were much happier on the floor!

Except for a little punch for a brother!

Hi everyone!  Can you believe we're already 6 months old?
Some highlights from this month:

-Their official 6 month appointment isn't until next Friday, so I don't have their latest stats.  As of last week though, Will was 15 lbs, 7 oz 25.5" and Jack was 15lbs 4 oz and 25 inches long. Jack has been out-eating Will the last couple of weeks, so we'll see if he's taken the lead in weight!

-They are still in size 2 diapers, and are eating a little bit over 5.5 oz each feeding.  

-They had a speech evaluation last week to determine how they are feeding, and they are right on track with their adjusted age. This is great news that they have no lingering issues from being born so early!  We are going to hold back on starting solid food though a little bit longer.  According to the speech therapist, they are about like a 4.5 month old, so she recommended giving them just a bit longer to be ready and interested in feeding.  (Mommy is okay with that...I'm a little nervous about starting on food with two babies!)

-The boys have become very alert and aware of things around them.  They whip their heads around whenever the hear us, or see someone walk into the room.  They also love watching Betsy!  Sometimes she has even gotten close enough for one of them to grab her fur!

-Will is "talking" a lot!  Jack, in the last few days, has started to "talk" as well! When Justin comes home at night, they each have their "conversations" with Daddy!  They talk, giggle, and coo at him! It is so adorable!

-They are both getting to be wiggle worms! They are figuring out how to turn themselves around when they are laying on their backs, and I'm constantly watching them turn themselves into different positions that where I put them!  Jack is definitely leading the way...just this morning we found him all the way in the top left corner of his crib!  (The bumpers have come off of the crib!) And Jack is just about to turn over from front to back...I thought he was going to do it today, but it will be soon for sure!

-They love to stand!  They always want to be up!  No laying down like babies anymore! =)  Plus--they know Mommy needs a good arm workout!

-They are getting closer to having teeth!  At least we think that is why the drool has started and Jack is constantly sticking his tongue out and running it across his front, bottom gums.  I don't know if they'll actually come in just yet, but they are definitely under the skin!

-They are super happy babies!  They give the best grins and giggles in the morning, and as they are getting clean diapers, and really whenever we are talking silly to them!  They have the widest grins, and their whole faces just light up!  It is wonderful!!

-The boys have finally gotten the hang of sucking their thumbs!  Jack sucks on his right thumb and Will on his left...does this mean that we'll have one right and one left-hander? It will be interesting to see!

-They don't sleep through the night every night, but the nights they do are wonderful! =)  They are swaddle free and it makes it so much easier than having to get up to re-swaddle multiple times a night!

I'm sure there are so many more things that I'm forgetting right now...I'll post them later if I think of them!  Here are more pictures from the last few days!  I just can't believe how big these boys have gotten!  They are perfect miracles!!

Don't we look alike?  These are special outfits from our friend Jenny in South Africa!

Sweet Jack

Jack's new thing...sticking his tongue out!  It's the cutest thing!

Heavy heads!

Big their high ready to watch the Oscars! Well, a few minutes of it anyways while we were eating! 
The boys are loving their tag blankets lately too!  They have two sets...these from their Auntie Dara, and another set from our friend Tena!  Great gift ladies!! Thank you!

Jack has found his thumb and LOVES it!

Close quarters play time! They don't seem to mind being all over each other!
A few videos:

Tummy time!

Will talking to his "friends"!

And last but not least, Mommy wore them out with a car ride for their 6 month birthday!!
Happy 6 month birthday, our sweet boys!  We love you so very much!!


Jodi said...

your boys are the sweetest things ever!!! Love them and their parents too! Thank you for keeping us updated on their growth and sharing photos and videos!! Makes me want another baby... ohhh wait -I'm bring home 2 little boys in 5 months!!!

Aren't you just amazed how God makes families?

Tena said...

Loved the sweet update! They are getting so big!

As Eli nears his 4th birthday and still loves his taggie blankets, I've become a repair-mom! If that happens to yours, let me know and I'll fix them right up!

Katie Hale said...

They are getting so big! What precious handsome boys you guys have!