March 11, 2011

6 month fun!

The boys were so happy this morning that they finally fit into another one of their cute name onesies!!  Thanks so much Lauren!  We love them!
Getting a kick out of each other!  And Jack got a few mouthfuls of Will's feet too!! =)

Big boys!

I bought them jumpy seats yesterday and put them in them this morning!  It was a mixed reaction... Will loved it and Jack just wanted to suck on it!  Too funny!

Such cute additions to Justin's office!

Jack had had enough, so he played on his playmat instead!
Will wasn't ready to stop playing yet!

Mom...this is so much fun!

We went to the doctor today for their 6 month appointments, and they are just great!  They're getting more and more caught up developmentally! They have continue to get heavier too!  Will is 16 lbs 5 oz and Jack is 16 lbs 4 oz...just about the same! Such big boys!  It is so wonderful to have such good check-ins with the pediatrician!  And, they didn't cry as much with their shots this time!  Great job boys!

Here are a few videos of the boys' first tastes of cereal on Sunday!

Getting all ready!

Will's first taste...

Jack's first taste...

Tomorrow we are having a fellow twin mommy (and awesome photographer) take the boys' 6 month pictures, plus our first 'official' family picture!  I'm so excited!  Hopefully the boys will give us more great pictures!! 


mrs.math said...

i love the first picture so much! can't wait to see your family photos! miss ya!

erickson family said...

i love the first picture so much! can't wait to see your family photos! miss ya!

um oops. that comment was put under my ohter email address. at one time i thought of starting a math blog. i know, nerdy. :)

Anonymous said...

How cute! They look so happy and healthy! They are growing so fast! How fun for you guys!! Take care.

AROSS said...

So cute! They're growing up so fast!

Anonymous said...

Loved the pics and videos of the twins. Such a blessing !! I am loving having Brady and Laney close to us. I am trying my best to spoil them as much as possible :) Think of you often.
Lance, Ronni and Levi's Mom
Mary Lyn Jones