February 25, 2011

Happy Boys!

I was finally able to get some really great videos of the boys, showing how happy and giggly they are!  Enjoy!

Will was giggling at me and cracking us both up!

When Justin's parents left the other day, Jack was really telling Mammaw a sweet goodbye!

Here are the boys playing with their play table together

Yesterday we were playing on the floor and they were just so cute!

Pappaw captured this sweet picture of Will

Mommy and her boys...Will on left

Mammaw and the boys

They were so cute with just their onesies on--aren't they getting so big?! (Will on left)

In person, their white shirts don't look this see through!  You can see their diapers!  They are just so much fun!

This has become typical...Jack is our mover, and turns himself sideways just about everywhere he is!  Will didn't seem to mind too much that he was getting kicked a bit! They are just all over each other--hands in each other's faces...I guess when you share a womb, you don't have to have much personal space!

When I was feeding the boys, Will was making such cute faces, so I had to keep shooting pictures! (Note from the picture above, both of their shirts say "I'm the cutest".  Too funny for identical twins!)

Loving his fingers lately!

Oh I love my boys!  They never cease to amaze me as I watch them begin to figure things out!  Jack is definitely becoming our mover, and Will is becoming our talker.  They're both blowing bubbles, and just in the last few days, Jack has been sticking his tongue out in the cutest ways.  We think there must be teeth starting to work on coming up!  I can hardly believe they are only 4 days shy of 6 months old!!!


Joy said...

Oh, we LOVE the videos and pictures! We can tell they love the toy Ryley gave them! So fun!!! Please give them kisses and cuddles for us. We have to see them again soon!!!!!! We miss you all so much!
Much love!
Aunt Joy and Cousin Ryley

erickson family said...

oh wow! they are getting so big! so cute. :)