February 7, 2011

Big boys!!

(For some reason, my computer isn't let me upload my pictures right now, so this will have to be just a plain old word update on the boys. =(  I promise, as soon as I can fix it, more pics will be up!)

Today we had to make a little stop at the pediatrician's office for Mr. Jack. He had been having yellowish/greenish goop coming out of his right eye since last night, so I called and they had us bring him in.  We all three went, and my dad was so nice to take his lunch break and come be an extra set of cuddling arms.  Jack got a clean bill of health--no ear infection. Most likely a clogged tear duct, but chance that there is some infection, so we now get to do the fun job of eye drops twice a day, and tear duct massage!  Fun!

A fun positive of this appointment was that the boys got another weigh in...we have BIG boys!!  William is now 15 pounds 11 oz and Jack is 15 pounds 7 oz!!!  I knew I was getting some great muscles!  They are just growing and growing and growing!

I broke out the exersaucer today for something else to entertain babies with!  Since Jack was asleep, Will got to be the first to try it for a few minutes, and was a fan for just about that long.  They still aren't sitting up independently, so an extra blanket behind him helped him to sit up a little more. I can see fun times playing in this new toy!  (I don't know why I didn't take a picture of him during his first experience--bummer! Next time!)


Anonymous said...

I found your blog a few months ago and I just want to tell you that the picture you have of the boys at the top of your page makes me smile every time I see it. That is such an adorable picture!!

Chasaraben said...

When I'm looking at the 5 month pic on the side, I can see Ryley in Will's face! Such cuties!! Glad the boys are still healthy. What a good God we serve. May He continue to keep your boys healthy!
Sarah (Joy's friend)

Jodi said...

I hope no infection!!! Kenzie had a clogged tear duct a lot! -
They are getting soooo big!
Can't wait to see them in the Exersaucer - I will never forget Brady's first time in his walker (we're old - exersaucers are new. :)
He had the biggest smile on his face!!! Love it!! Praying for you every day!

Joy said...

Oh, Ryley loved her exersaucer! How fun!!! I cannot believe how big they are! And adorable too. :-)