February 2, 2011

All night!!!

The boys slept ALL NIGHT LONG last night!!!  They went down at 10, and didn't wake up until 7am...8 WHOLE HOURS!!!  We are so amazed and proud of our little guys!!!

We woke up this morning and realized it and were so happy!  And then 10 minutes later, our power went out!  Not good on a day that the high is only going to be 20.  Thankfully Justin was still home and we packed up all our stuff and he drove me over to my parent's house for the day.  I'm not too fond of icy roads, which they are right now.

This was a chunk of ice Justin got off the driveway!!  
The schools have even been cancelled for the past two days, and wouldn't surprise me if they were out again tomorrow.  But that is okay because the boys and I are safely at my parent's warm house and it will be a fun day!

We'll see if they continue the sleeping trend tonight!

(Don't miss the boys' 5 month blog that I posted late last night....keep scrolling down!)

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Audra said...

I'm so glad you are warm and safe! We have had ice and snow and today more snow but our power never flickered. Praise God! Please use one of the boys for scale next time, we never get enough of their cute chubby faces at our house! Love you!!!