February 1, 2011

5 Months Old!!

The boys are 5 months old today!!!  I just can't believe it!  They are getting so big and very alert, and so much stinking fun!  Sorry I haven't posted in a few days...I've actually had a blog sitting waiting to be posted, but I didn't get it up!  So I just added in those pictures into today's post!  Enjoy!

I was greeted by this sweet smile from my Will when he woke up this morning.  I could just live on their big, gummy grins!!
The boys weren't too smiley for their 5 month picture shoot this afternoon, but I think we still got some really cute pictures of them! (Will with blue sticker)

A slight grin from Will, but most of the time they were staring at me making a fool of myself trying to get them to smile!! =)

They love 'standing'!
They are getting better at sitting up than they were last month!

These are the things the boys are doing this month:

--Smiling a lot and figuring out how to giggle!  The boys have huge smiles that light up their entire face! They are super smiley first thing in the morning and after a good nap. Since I'm with them all day, they really respond to my voice and smile at me all the time.  It is just the best thing ever!

--Sleeping better at night!  The boys have really established a good schedule!  We feed them their last bottle around 8pm, and they usually sleep from about 9pm to 3ish.  After a quick bottle, they are back to sleep until 7:30 or so.  They are sleeping really well in their cribs, and we are getting nice long stretches of sleep. Heaven!  We know eventually they'll sleep all night long, but right now we are sure enjoying getting more sleep!

--Holding their heads up pretty well! Both of the boys are doing well getting their heads up during tummy time.  They don't much like tummy time, but are getting stronger with each session! 

Will was really working hard and Jack was taking a break
Had to show the backside of these outfits...too cute!  Ducky booties! And rolly-poly thighs!  Thanks Amy for these adorable outfits!
--Enjoying the ceiling fan!  The boys, especially Will, love watching the ceiling fan, even if it is not on! It cracks us up when they stare at it and just smile and coo!  We are realizing this month how much better the boys' sight is.  They are focusing on things that are farther away and just look all around the room to take it all in! 
Dark picture, but he wouldn't stop looking at the fan at my parent's house!
--Staring at Betsy!  It is so funny to watch them get a glimpse of Betsy.  Sometimes she stays still long enough for them to focus on her, and many times they just stare and smile!  Betsy still won't stay near them too long, but she sure has to know where they are at all times!  She sniffs where they were laying when we've picked them up, and often she'll walk into their room and sniff around to find them.  I guess she just has to know where her babies are!

There you are Jack!

I love the boys, Mom, but I really don't want to sit here for a picture!!
 --They are both still in size 2 diapers, but have grown a lot!  They are both about 15 pounds now, and are definitely a good workout for mommy's arms!

--They still haven't 'discovered' each other yet.  I put them down with their heads right next to each other so they could look at each other.  But they had no clue the other was even there, 2 inches from their face, because they wouldn't stop staring at me! =) I'm not sure when the recognition will happen, but it will be so adorable to see them playing with each other!

--They have continued to be 100% healthy!!  Praise the Lord!  They've had a few more issues with their reflux this month, but they haven't gotten any colds, ear infections, and especially no RSV!!  We have until April until we're out of the RSV season (and house arrest), but January and February are the peak of the season.  So we're doing well!

We just love these little miracles, and enjoy watching every step of their lives.  Part of me feels sad that they are getting so big already, starting to want a little bit of independence, and not my little itty-bitty babies anymore. But, I guess like all parents, I am absolutely loving seing them develop, change, and figure out new things!

Looking up at Daddy...

Sweet Will...he is so super expressive with his eyes and eyebrows!  As he studies things, his eyebrows go way up and he looks so intently!  My parents say that it looks just like the expressions I used to make when I was a baby!  Too funny!

We love life with our boys!!

Cutest video of Justin talking with Will!


Michelle Harmon said...

I can't believe how much they have changed! Love the post ! Happy 5 month birthday sweet baby miracles!

Joy said...

We love our nephews!!!! They are so precious! CUTE pics and video. I see a couple of familiar Ryley expressions in their faces, too. Such beautiful blessings!!!!! Please kiss them for us!

Ashley said...

Happy happy five months to your two sweet boys! They are precious little miracles!

Durgeat said...

I am in LOVE with your babies!! (even though I have a 4 month old of my own!) hehehe...

I'm overjoyed that you're experiencing the whole spectrum of motherhood. Those babies are precious, and I'm so HAPPY for you that they're finally home and thriving.

God bless you guys for being such loving/wonderful parents...

Suz said...

I cannot believe they are already 5 months old!! They are so precious!!! And growing like weeds. I have a feeling they are going to catch up to Kyah real quick. She's 20 months and 21lbs! ha! You have your arms full! :)