January 10, 2011

Will & Jack's First Snow!!

We had the most beautiful snowfall yesterday here in McKinney!  I don't know what our actual total was, but from the looks of the build up on our patio table, I think we had about 4-5 inches!  I was dying to take the boys out for pictures, since it is their first snow, but today was one of those mornings...started at 3:15 am and I have had one or the other in my arms fussing or feeding since then!  Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE every minute, even when it's hard and I'm exhausted and they're fussy. But it just didn't lend well to Mommy having any extra energy to get them bundled up and out by myself to take pictures.

Thankfully, Gigi came to the rescue!!  She arrived, helped me feed the boys, and then we all went out and enjoyed the snow! Usually, here in Texas, the snow is melted and long gone by this time the day after a snow, but thanks to our arctic blast of cold air (high temp of 36, low tonight 19!), the snow is  still here and gorgeous!

We bundled the boys up, and got some adorable pics!  (Please ignore the exhausted Mommy without any make-up...it just wasn't happening today!)

 The boys weren't quite sure what to make of it...they kept their eyes closed at first because it was so bright!

 We tried to do some quick snow angels, but they didn't quite appreciate the experience!

 Jack as just about done with the snow...
 But Will seemed to think it was pretty neat!

And Gigi, who always brings extra spunk to revive us all, had the great idea of making a snowman! Seriously, my mom is a bundle of energy and so much fun!  I'm so glad she lives so close and can come and have fun and make memories with the boys!

  Jack finally conked out...right next to the snowman!
 Will had to have his picture by him also!
 With their Gigi...in the adorable outfits their Auntie Kristen and Uncle Aaron got them for Christmas!
 Tired mommy with my adorable boys...

And a side note...
The boys have such HUGE heads (56th percentile!) that none of their cute baby hats fit them anymore!  I'm in the process of crocheting them some bigger hats that will hopefully fit for awhile!  But, I found these  toddler hats at Walmart and they fit them!  My 4 month olds!!  Yikes!  I just like to think that they are really smart with lots of brains, and that is why their heads are so bit!  I'm sure it doesn't help that Mommy and Daddy both are big headed people, so I guess that they were just bound to have big noggins!


Just a couple more pics from Friday...

The boys and I went on a lunch date with my dad, and they were all dressed up in their vests and jeans! Too cute!  They look like such big boys!
Hanging with Grandpa...


Shannon Delcambre said...

Ummmm those are the best pics ever and I think you look great. Wish I looked that good WITH makeup on. Proud of you for taking these. You will love looking back. I havent even done it with our little ones yet. Crazy!

Joy said...

Sweet babies! Their cousin Ryley sure has a big head too! It's all in the genes, I guess!!! :-)

Riley Kai said...

Just when I think I'm starting to get who is who, they go and take identical pics on me! Ha! Glad you enjoyed the snow with them! (and don't worry, Riley's head once measured in the 105%! I don't even get how that is possible!)

Chasaraben said...
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Chasaraben said...

Absolutly ADORABLE!!! My heart melted seeing Jack asleep next to the snowman! There's nothing to replace a first snow and the Mommy did not look tired. She looked in love- with sweet babies!
(Joy's friend)

Michelle Harmon said...

MELT. MY. HEART! This is a precious, precious post. I love the pictures of them doing snow angels! So funny! You will love to compare future pictures to those in a few years! And I also love the mini snowman. You are right. Your mom is amazing!!!! I am so happy you have her so close! :-)

Sara said...

Your boys are ADORABLE!!! So precious!! Enjoy every second, and don't worry about no makeup, or no shower, or wearing yoga/sweats all day....Heck, that's me now and my kids are 4, 6, 8 and 8, with a new baby due in May. As long as I get a shower (or as I jokingly call them "my quick rinse" then I'm happy) Lotion is a luxury that I sometimes have time for..Ha!! I'm just glad it's winter up here, and I can wear a hat when I'm out and about :-)

You are an amazing Mommy. Also very blessed to have your Mom so close to you. She seems like so much fun, and so pretty too!!

Found your blog through Jodi....Love all the pics of the boys. So Cute!!

Jennifer said...

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Will and Jack are cute ..

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Anonymous said...

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