January 20, 2011


The boys have just been getting cuter and cuter these last few weeks!  They have been so much more responsive and are giving me so many wonderful smiles!  Here are a bunch of pictures from the last week or so...
Will & Jack in their cute sweatsuits



Trying out their bumbo seats!  They sure aren't going to fit in them for very long with their chubby thighs, but it is good practice for them holding their heads up...or at least sideways! =)
At the dr...I had a great idea to get a picture of them looking into the mirror, but it didn't quite work.  Jack didn't like the idea and shed a few tears, and then the dr. came in after our one blurry try.  Note...the boys are not wearing dresses. I just had their pants undone to have them ready for their shots =(
At the dr, the boys were weighed, and they are getting so big!!  Will was 14 lbs 2 oz and Jack was 13 lbs 9 oz!  I knew my arms were getting stronger for a reason!!
Cute outfits!

Will--wiggling on the floor

Jack...he was full of smiles, but of course, he wouldn't smile for the camera!
We got another great deal on baby stuff! I don't think any deal will be as good as Justin's  $269 double jogging stroller for $57, but I thought mine deal was pretty good! I finally decided on which high chairs I wanted to get--they are both high chairs, and they also can come apart and be booster seats that hook onto a chair.  They were $129 each, but I found them on clearance for $90!  So almost a $40 savings for each!  Yeah for deals!
I decided to feed them their bottle in their chairs for the first time...Will seemed to think it was great fun, but Jack had to shed a few tears--note the red eyes! =(  But they both did a great job and ate their bottles!  What big boys!

I just had to post this...I was folding yesterday and thought it was the cutest comparison!  Daddy's sock and boys' sock!
 And today we had some cute smiles during tummy time/bumbo time...

Jack...still can't keep that head up too well!


Will was doing better today at keeping his head up!

A slight glimpse of Jack's dimple...I just love their dimples when they smile!!

Enjoying their turtle rattle

They are just so much fun!  I had the cutest video of Justin talking to Will as he was smiling at the ceiling fan, but somehow, when I was uploading pictures, it disappeared!  I'm so bummed! If I find it, I'll for sure post it!  More cute pictures to come soon!

Oh, and I almost forgot...Jack rolled over!  I think it was more of a 'my head is so big and heavy that when I hold it up really high and tip over, the momentum makes me roll over' kind of roll, but still!!  Will has yet to do it, and each time I try to get Jack to perform it for someone or get it on video, he puts his head down and cries.  Too cute! 

The boys are still really healthy.  Praise the Lord!  They had their 4th synagis shot on Tuesday, which is supposed to lessen the effect of RSV if they were to get it.  But we're praying that they'll continue to stay healthy!  We're still in house arrest, not exposing them to any unnecessary germs, and it seems to be working so far!  Hopefully we'll make it through the whole season (April) without any sicknesses!

We are just loving our babies! More and more every day!


Janet said...

Awsome! Followed your story with great interest. How wonderful to see just how well the boys are doing! Such a happy family! :)

Anonymous said...

How cute! They are getting so big! Amazing! Way to go mom and dad!! You guys are doing a fabulous job!

Gene Steiner said...

Yes, both boys are so handsome and cute. So glad we could get to hold them and feed them last weekend. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Gene Steiner said...
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erickson family said...

precious, alyson! they are just the cutest! i can't wait to meet them sometime. i love the sock comparisons!

Kristen said...

So precious! They are just too sweet for words!

AROSS said...

Thank you for posting more pictures! They are just so adorable! You look great too!

Ronni said...

They are so adorable! I espically love the picture of them in their bumbo seats with their heads turned sideways :)

And hey - they are 6 months younger than Laney and only 3 pounds away from what she weighs (shes at 17 lb currently). I'd say that is exceptionally awesome, espically considering where they started :)

B said...

omgoodness! stumbled over. and LOVE the pics!! cuteness!!

Audra said...

What great photos!! You guys look like you are having so much fun. It just cracks me up that they hold their heads the same way in so many photos. All the kids love to see the updates on the boys and always ask to see each post over and over. Love you!