January 25, 2011

Bald Babies!

Just a few more cute pics of my bald babies today! They do have some fine brown hairs, but in reality, they are pretty bald.  And I love it!  They look so much like babies!!

I'm trying my hardest to get some pictures of the boys' huge gummy smiles, but whenever I put my phone up to take the picture, they disappear! =(  I guess the phone doesn't elicit the kinds of reactions that Mommy's goofy faces and voices do!  Oh well!  Soon!

My Aunt Sallie got the boys these cute outfits that they finally grew into!  So cute!  (Will on blue blanket)



A little smile.  I had Will beginning to chuckle today!  It wasn't quite a full giggle, but it was getting close!   So much fun!!

Sorry Mom, no smile for you right now.  But Jack gives the best, sweetest, most wonderful smiles!  There are times when he is sleeping in my arms, that he'll wake up and smile and coo at me.  What a precious moment!! I never dreamed being a mommy could be so absolutely wonderful!
Yesterday the flash went off when I took these pictures of Will. His reaction to it was hilarious!! 

Poor guy...he had no clue what was going on!

They are so much fun and just getting so big!


Anonymous said...

I love the "surprised" look on Will's face! Too funny!!
Have a great week mommy!

Jodi said...

They are getting so chubby! Love it!! Will looks like a little man with that surprised look! too sweet!!

Danielle said...

I can't get over how fast the boys are growing. I love to read about their latest updates. I just want to kiss those bald heads and chubby cheeks. God is SO good.

Marie W said...

Awww... I love these bald babies! :-) They are growing waayy too fast.