January 1, 2011

4 months old!!

 Our babies are 4 months old today!!!

They still can't hold up their heads all the way, but are close! They were cracking us up as we took these pictures!

 Will (blue sticker) didn't want to turn his head towards Jack at all!  At least he didn't get Jack chomping on his arm like he did in last month's picture!

 Look at the chubby cheeks!  I kiss them about 100 times a day!

 Our friends Anne and Angela bought the boys these adorable socks with their initials on them when they were still in the hospital.  They are finally big enough to wear them!

I just love this one...they are both beginning to smile at things, and Justin caught Jack's smile perfectly! I just can hardly wait until they are both smiling consistently and we can catch more of them on camera!

 I could just eat these babies up!  They make my life complete and each day so wonderful!!


The babies are growing up so much.  It feels like every day they are figuring out something new! This is what they are doing this month:

-They are cooing and making 'happy sounds' so much more this month.  At first we thought they were upset, but then realized that they are just liking to make noises!

-They love to look at the white spindles on our staircase.  It is the funniest thing!  They could be upset, crying, or just mellow, and when they catch a glance at them, they raise their eyebrows, calm down, and just stare and make funny faces!  I'm sure one of these days, they'll smile at them!  We are going to try to get a video soon of them watching the spindles--it's hilarious!

-They are starting to smile!!!!  As you saw in the picture of Jack above, it is absolutely the most adorable thing ever!  Their whole faces light up and their have the cutest, widest smile, with a dimple on the right side!  I can hardly wait until they smile regularly!  I can tell so many times throughout the day that they are right on the edge of a smile, but just can't quite figure it out!

-They are in size 2 diapers! We might have been able to keep them in 1s just a little bit longer, but it seemed like they were just too tight.  Plus, we had gotten a few blow-out diapers, so I moved them up!  Can't believe they are in such big diapers, especially when just 4 months ago they were in tiny ones that fit our niece's doll!!

-They love to lay on the ground and wiggle/dance!  It is so cute! They will go for quite awhile, and you can tell when they are getting tired by how they start going in slow motion!  They sleep SO well after these sessions!

-About a week and a half ago, they were 11 lbs 6 oz and 7 oz, so I'm guessing they are pretty close to 12 lbs!  We have their 4 month appointment on Tuesday, so I'll report in their new stats then. It is just wonderful that they are almost 10 pounds heavier than they were at birth!! Our chunky monkeys!

-Their hair is growing in. It is still pretty short, fine, and fuzzy, but it is adorable!  It looks like it is brown, but at times seems to have a bit of a red hue.  Their eyelashes are also getting darker, thicker, and a lot longer!

-They still aren't yet sleeping through the night, but usually go about 4-5 hours at a stretch, which is nice for us!  We are moving them to their cribs at night tonight for the very first time!  They do well sleeping in their cribs in the daytime, but haven't yet slept in their own room, away from us =(.  We are looking forward to seeing how they do!


 And just for comparison...here they are this month:


And in the same place 2 months ago!  Look how much they have grown!  Especially their thighs! =)


 And here they are at 1 month...so little!

I still am so amazed that they are mine!!  Thank you Lord for my precious boys!!


Bonnie said...

Best Buds in the making! I love my twin sister & she is my BFF! Hope you all have a wonderful start to 2011 :)

Ashley said...

Oh so precious! Chubbin out and looking so incredibly cute!

Anonymous said...

Have a Happy New Year ! Blessings to your family. I loved raising two boys and having so much fun. Precious pictures of your boys. For God knows the plans..... Love from Mary Lyn Jones (Lance and Levi's mom)

Jodi said...

Seeing your boys and reading your posts always put a smile on my face - for the whole day (or two!) Thank you for sharing! Love their chubby cheeks and thighs!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Cute, cute, cute! They are getting so big! Hooray! Happy 4 month birthday boys!

Brian and Dara said...

Happy 4 Months!!! I just LOVE all the chubb that is good for kissing, pinching, and biting ;-) Its great to see how well they are doing! Love you!