December 10, 2010

Our Thanksgiving...finally! this post is only 15 days late!  =)

We had such a great time with both sides of our families for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Justin's mom Kathy came down the week before to spend time and help out with the was so nice to have her! Thank you Kathy!  My brother came in on Monday and Justin's sister, her husband, and our niece Ryley came in on Wednesday, and they all loved on our boys! The boys were definitely spoiled with all the love they received during the week!  They were held, loved, and cuddled most of the week!  

Here are a bunch of pictures from the week...not in great order, but I figured I should just get them on and not worry about it!  Enjoy!


Wearing my babies in my cool Moby wrap...thanks Amy!

Dad was a little exhausted by the end of the week!

Uncle Aaron enjoying cuddle time with his nephews

Note that Betsy is close by!

Pappaw and one of the boys

Will & Jack

Food time!

Cuddle time with Mammaw

Meeting Aunt Joy, Uncle Ryan, and Ryley for the first time!

One of the delicious turkeys!  I was so lucky not to have to do anything! Everyone else  cooked some absolutely scrumptious food!

And of course, right when it was time to eat, the boys were hungry!  We are definitely parents!!  They got to eat first!

Thanks Aunt Mona for these adorable bibs!!

A little snack to get happier pictures!

Uncle Ryan

Aunt Joy

With Ryley

The Supers...Super Will, Super Ryley, and Super Jack.  We bought Ryley her blue shirt when she was born, and they made Superman onesies for the boys!  Such an adorable picture!

Steiner family picture

Our family

Silliness with the cameras

Isn't she beautiful? We just can hardly believe how grown up she is!

Mammaw and Gigi...our friend Cristina gave them onesies for the boys that say, "What happens at Grandma's stays at Grandma's!" Too cute!
And the best little babysitter ever!  Ryley and Joy were such a help watching the boys!
Reading them a story...

Bouncing their chairs

A happy baby thanks to Ryley!

Doing homework while watching the boys...

Such a sweet cousin!!

Game time!  Even the boys were in on it!

Betsy was worn out...

But she got a lot of extra love!!
 Couple last family pictures...

What a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I am just so thankful this year for all that God has blessed me with.  I'm still just in awe that I'm a mom of twin boys.  They are just the best thing that has ever happened to us, and we can't be any more grateful to God for his gifts to us.


Katie Hale said...

Alyson your family is just beautiful! I love reading about the boys and how big and strong they are getting. I would just love to meet them someday when we go up to Frisco to see Michelle, Brandon and Addie. It has made my heart so happy to watch your story unfold. I hope you are getting some rest (I know that can be nearly impossible sometimes) and just soak of every minute of those precious babies because they get so big soo fast!!

amy (metz) walker said...

Great pics. Love the one of you and Justin with the boys in the turkey bibs and I cracked up at Justin sacked out.

So happy for have double the reasons to be thankful this year!

Gene Steiner said...

We certainly have much for which to be thankful this year. It was a beautiful and joy-filled Thanksgiving week for the extended Steiner family. We made some great memories. . . as these beautiful pictures indicate.

Audra said...

How fun!!!! I'm glad you like your Moby wrap, mine is a lifesaver! Love you so much.