December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I have to say... Christmas 2010 is my favorite one yet!!  It has been so much fun having our boys to celebrate with this year, even though they have absolutely NO clue what is even going on! My brother and Kristen came into town, and we have all had so much fun being together with my parents at their house.  It has been such a treat for me also to have extra hands to hold, feed, and love on the boys!!  Honestly, it still seems like a dream that we are parents, that we actually have kids to celebrate this holiday with!  God has blessed us so immensely, and this year as we are grateful for His gift of His Son, we are also thankful for our sons!!  

Here are some pictures from the days leading up to Christmas...

Nap time with Daddy

Pappaw's cuddle time with Will

Sleepy boys at naptime

Auntie Kristen cuddling with her nephews

Grandpa and Will

Auntie Kristen and Uncle Aaron with the boys

Jack "talking" with Uncle Aaron

Will got up early on Christmas eve and helped Uncle Aaron with some work...too cute!!

Typing emails...
The boys are getting so big!  At their last dr. appointment, Will was 11 pounds 7 oz and Jack was 11 pounds 6 oz! Jack caught up to Will, and they are both getting so deliciously chubby!  

On to Christmas Day...

The boys had a pretty tough night...not too much sleep for Mom and Dad, but it was okay!  They were just excited about Christmas!  (Yeah right!!) We have had such a fun and relaxing day.  The boys have gotten so many wonderful gifts from family...what special presents...thank you everyone!!

The beautiful tree at my parents

We all had so much fun taking pictures with the two little Santas!

And then they became our little elves...but they were very sleepy after their long night!

Betsy was standing guard while they slept

And here she is in her precious Santa-doggy outfit from my parents!  She looked so cute in it!

And for some family pictures with the babies...

And Molly (my parents' dog) was ready for the next meal!  

Last but not least...a short video of the boys on their playmat. They LOVE laying on the ground "dancing"!  Notice the adorable outfits that Uncle Aaron and Aunt Kristen brought them!  They look so grown up in them!!

We hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas, spending time with family and friends, and most importantly, remembering the real meaning of Christmas!!


Brian and Dara said...

What a wonderful Christmas 2010 is!! I just love all the pics and the video - their little squeals are adorable :-) Love you!!


Jodi said...

Truly the best of many beautiful Christmas' to come! Love to y'all!!

Gene Steiner said...

So glad Mammaw and I could be there with you all just a few days ago to celebrate the Christmas holidays. You are making and sharing wonderful memories with your boys, our families, and friends. We know the new year will bring even more joys, too.

Thanks for posting the pix. Give Will & Jack a kiss from us

Kelly said...

Merry Christmas Alyson, Justin, Will & Jack xo