December 3, 2010

3 Months Old!!

Will and Jack are 3 months old!!  
Will has the blue tag and Jack has the green...
We just love these boys more and more each day!  They are growing and changing and getting so much more fun every day, and life is just so much better with them in our lives!

My mom and I had so much fun trying to get these pictures of the boys...their necks are definitely getting stronger, but they were still super wobbly when we tried to sit them up.  We were cracking up at some of the flopping they did.  They were much happier with their pacifiers, so for a lot of the pictures, we just went with it!

Jack was just about done since he was really hungry...

 We tried to prop them up and bribe them with their pacis...

But Jack had a hard time keeping his head up...

And brother's arm started looking mighty yummy...

So Jack had a little snack!  Look at Will's face...he couldn't figure out what was going on!

But Gigi came to Will's rescue and gave Jack something better to eat for a bit...

Look how little they look in proportion to the chair!  It will be fun to see how they grow over the months!

Will says... Mom are we done yet??

 Gigi with her boys...

Phew...and that wasn't even all of the pictures we took! =)

Jack and Will--here are some of the things that are going on with you this month:

-You guys are getting big!!  Today, Will measured 21 inches long and 9 lbs 15.5 oz (almost a 10 lb baby!!), and Jack was 20 1/2 inches long and 9 lbs 10 oz!  You are just completely different babies from the 2 pound babies that were born three months ago!  The funny thing three months old, you're still not as big as your daddy was when he was born (10 lbs 6.5 oz and 23 inches long)!!

-You are definitely getting stronger!  When we hold you on our chests, you are constantly lifting your heads, turning them side to side, and surprising us with how long you can hold them up!  Your legs are also getting strong!  You are pushing them onto our legs all the time now, and even have 'stood' on them a few times! Jack, when you were doing tummy time today, you were pulling your legs up and back in a way that moved you backwards! I have a feeling that you guys are going to be in motion before too long!

-You both love laying on your Baby Einstein Underwater activity mat!  You just kick your legs, watch the lights, and stare forever at the stuffed whale that we've named Wally!  It is the cutest thing to watch you both laying there 'playing' together!

-You have found your cry! Most of the time you both are pretty happy, but when you lose your pacifier out of your mouths, we hear from you!  It is the saddest little high pitched squeal, but we don't mind!  We think we are going to teach Betsy how to put pacifiers back in your mouths...just kidding!

-Just this week, you have both lost all the hair on the top of your heads!  You really didn't have a ton to begin with, but it was kind of a reddish brown color.  The sides and the back still have hair, and in the back it is a little bit longer...a baby mullet!  We can hardly wait to see what color your hair comes in!  I'm guessing blond, but we'll see!

-You are both drinking about 21-22 oz of milk every day.  You get a mixture of breast milk and formula, and tolerate it very well.  Dr. Frank wants you to be drinking 24 oz by four months, so I think you both are well on your way!

-You both are fighting poor babies!  We've tried two different medicines to try to help you, and just today we got our third. I really think this is going to be the one that does the trick.  It is just so sad to see you make yucky faces after you spit up!  Hopefully that will be gone soon! Sleeping propped up a little bit at night has seemed to help some too.

-You still sleep best when you are swaddled.  You both just flail your arms around if you aren't wrapped up and you keep yourself awake!  I'm not sure how much longer you'll let us do it (your much stronger and able to work yourselves out of it more and more) but it is definitely a help right now for sleeping!

-Speaking of sleeping, you both are starting to sleep longer at night!  You did your first 5 hour stretch (11pm-4am) two nights ago, and it was very nice! I woke up startled that you had gone so long, so I woke you up and we fed you.  Today Dr. Frank said we could let you go up to 8 hours if you can...that will be a great day! =)

We just love you both so very much, and are so proud of all the things you are learning! I am so happy spending every single day with you, and I just love being your mommy! 
Happy 3 month birthday boys!!!


Katie Hale said...

They are getting so big! Such handsome boys!

Cristina said...

I just can't decide which one is cuter!!! LOL They have the most beautiful skin too. Whatever you are doing, they look great! You are terrific mommy!!!

I'm so glad that you found time to post this.

Love you, friend!

Anonymous said...

They are so cute! Good job Mommy!! You look very happy and you deserve it!

Ronni said...

They are just so adorable! I wished we lived closer so that I could come visit. You are doing great Momma!