November 2, 2010

More pictures...finally!

I think I've figured out the picture problem with Blogger, except now it runs REALLY slowly loading them up.  Oh least they are on here!!

If you haven't seen the Steiner Globetrotters Halloween costume blog, click here.  And to answer some questions, we got the costumes at Build-a-Bear!!  I never dreamed that we would be able to dress our children in Build-a-Bear outfits!!

Here are a few more pictures that we took of the boys on Halloween. It is so much fun dressing our sweet boys up!

And then we had a short outing to an out of the way (without crowds) park with my parents and took some family pictures...including Betsy!!





The boys with Grandpa, Gigi, and Molly (you can hardly see her!)

 Just a few more cute pictures of the boys...

I love my boys!!


Suz said...

HOW precious!!! Loved ALL of the pics!

Marie W said...

Beautiful pictures Alyson!

Kristin said...

LOVE these halloween shots!! May you continued to be blessed!

Gene Steiner said...

So sweet! Can hardly wait to see them again