November 9, 2010

More pictures!

Here are some more pictures of the boys from the past week...enjoy!

Jack and Mommy

Gigi and Grandpa feeding the boys

Little teddy bears, all ready for another doctor's appointment

Teddy Bear Jack

Teddy Bear Will
(Thanks Kristen for these ADORABLE hats!!)

Will chilling in his bouncy seat

Jack in his bouncy seat

So cute!

On a walk

Mommy and her boys out for a walk

A precious close up of Will

Tummy time on the boppy...Will isn't too sure about it!

Jack liking hanging out on his boppy

The boys like their boppys!

Jack working on his strong neck!

Sound asleep


More pictures to come soon!


Jodi said...

Ohhhhh soooooo sweeeeeeet!!! What incredible blessings!!!

Lianna Knight said...

Just plain ADORABLE!!!

erickson family said...

i just love them. they are precious.

Michelle Harmon said...

These pictures are so fun! It's such a blessing for me to see you loving being a mommy so much! said...

Love these new pictures! Looks like things are going awesome at home!!! So So happy for you!!!!

Kristin said...

Love these pictures!!

Reeses said...

Amazing! I'm in tears.

Audra said...

I love the pictures where they are looking the same way, holding their little toys. Sure wish I could see them!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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