November 18, 2010

Due Date!!

Today is the boys' actual due date--November 18th!  We made it!  I know I wouldn't have still been pregnant on this date anyway, but it is nice to be moving past it!  And with the whole "corrected age" counting you do with preemies, we can start counting now.  (You take their actual age and subtract how premature they were, and that is their corrected age for developmental steps. They give preemies to 2 years to catch up on developmental milestones) Our pediatrician thinks the boys are doing so well, and she thinks that they'll be caught up more around 9 months or so...exciting!

They are already so much more alert than they were when we brought them home 3 1/2 weeks ago.  It is so much fun to see their big eyes looking around, trying to focus in on us and things around them. They have also started to begin to find their voices as well. Up until now, they really haven't cried at all.  They grunt, squeal, and make other noises, but in just the last few days, they've started making little noises like they are surprised to hear their own voice.  Too cute!  They are also starting to fuss a little bit...I'm trying to work on mastering feeding both when they are hungry at the same time, so one doesn't have to sit there and get upset!

We're looking forward to family coming into town next week for Thanksgiving.  We're still being super careful with the boys, protecting them from germs.  But the family has all gotten their flu shots, and are staying healthy, so everyone is excited!! Uncle Aaron can hardly wait to see them again...they were only 3 pound when he left, so they have really changed!  And Aunt Joy, Uncle Ryan, and Cousin Ryley are going to meet the boys for the first time, and they are so excited!!

We are just loving every minute with our babies!!

Here are some more pictures...
Teddy Bear Will

Teddy Bear Jack...with his collection of pacifiers!

Teddy bear babies at Gigi and Grandpa's house
Sweet Will sound asleep

Will and Jack on the adorable blankets that Justin's cousin Shawn made them.  

We love them!  Thanks so much Shawn!!


Cristina said...

loving the pictures, friend. Can't believe they have already been home for 3 1/2 weeks! Time is flying by! =)

Eva Geranton said...

My best friend had both her babies prematurely (preclampsia). They are 12 and 7 now and you would never know!! Blessings to you and your nibblets!! SOOO cute!

Mrs H said...

Such precious little pictures. I haven't been reading your blog very long, but I thought I would pass along this blog to you, her name is Heather and she also had her son prematurly and today is ALSO her original due date

I hope you have a wonderful first Holiday with your boys :)

Amy said...

I love the picture where Jack has all the pacifiers! So cute!