November 2, 2010


I've been trying to post pictures for two days on my blog, and I'm getting frustrated!  It is saying that I've exceeded my 1 GB of photo space (not a shocker), but I could by more for $5.  I did that, waited the 24 hours it said to wait, and I'm still getting the error message of not enough space. Anyone know what to do about this??  I have cute pictures I need to post!!  I know I'll get in big trouble with a lot of people if new pictures of the boys don't appear on here at least every other day! Help!


Heather said...

I've actually heard that this is happening to a lot of the people I follow who have blogs on Blogger. Some of them are even jumping ship and heading over to Wordpress. They couldn't seem to figure it out and got more and more frustrated. So sorry! But maybe a switch would work for you, too?

DaisyJo said...

You could make a photobucket account or a flickr account, or something like that, and then put the HTML for the photos in your blogs.

Anonymous said...

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