October 1, 2010

One Month Old!

Happy One Month Birthday, Will & Jack!


You are both the lights of our lives, and we are so thankful to God for giving you to us!  We can't believe you are a month old already!  We are enjoying every single moment of being your parents!

Here is what is going on with you at one month old...

-You are 4lbs 4 oz!! 

-You have such a sweet personality...we are still figuring you out, but we can tell that you are pretty laid back right now!

-You like to sleep!  There are many times your brother is awake, but you are sound asleep! (Especially when you are sleeping on mommy!)

-You have already gotten the nickname "Super Pooper"!  You were the first to be moved from the preemie extra small diapers to the regular preemie diapers because you were continuing to have BIG poopies!  Ha!

-You have a dimple on your right cheek, that is hidden right now by your feeding tube tape =(
-You like to give us smiles...we know they are only gas smiles right now, but we sure love to see your face crinkle up in a smile!

We love you, sweet Will!!

And Jackson...
-You are 3lbs 15.7 oz today...almost 4 lbs!! You're slowly catching up to your brother!

-You, like your brother, have a sweet and laid back personality as well.

-You are a good sleeper, and love Kangaroo times with mommy!

-You're a little bit paler than your brother because of a slightly low blood count from your little infection last week.  The doctors say that you'll be back to creating red blood cells soon, but in the mean time, it helps us tell you boys apart! =)

-You make all sorts of cute faces!  You have a dimple when you smile, like your brother, and like to purse your lips and make an "o" mouth. We love your little gassy smiles too, and can't wait to see your dimple again!
-You are known as Mr. Serious, and many times we see you furrowing your brow and just studying things.  You just seem to be taking things in!

We love you, Sweet Jackson!!

-You boys both sleep all the time, and we could just stare into your peaceful faces all day long!
-You are both working hard on the nursing. Once we get you awake, you try hard for about 10 minutes max, and then are back to dreamland.  I think you guys just like your feeding tubes...much less hard work!
-You are officially 33 weeks in development, and by developmental adjusted age, you're technically -7 weeks old! Weird!
-You are getting close to doing more of the major work (feeding, etc) so you can come home! We are so proud of you guys!  It's hard to believe that you both should still be in my tummy for at least 3-4 more weeks...I'm sure glad that I have gotten to enjoy kissing your faces this month!  

We can hardly wait to see you continue to develop your little personalities! We love you boys so very much, and love being your parents!! 


Anonymous said...

Happy 1 month boys! Congratulations mom and dad! I'm so thrilled for you!! Keep up the good work :)

Ronni said...

So, when you do the development adjustment, they are older than their actual age? That is awesome!!! Happy 1 month Birthday Will & Jack!

Becca said...

Aly, I am so excited about your two treasures. Thank you for sharing these pictures with us. How precious they are and blessed to have you both as parents. I love you.

Chasaraben said...

Hi- I'm a friend of Joy's and have been praying for you and hearing bits of your story from Johathan's time. I've been checking in on your newest angels and loving the journey with you. What a miracle it is! May God continue to bless you and your amazing family.

Audra said...

They are darling, especially with their chubby cheeks! They are really filling out! And those are smiles of remembering Heaven and their big brother. Gas wouldn't make me smile!
I really love the picture of Will sleeping on you Alyson, those little legs!!!

Joy said...

Sweet babies!!!!!! We love them sooooooo much!