October 30, 2010

In the groove...

We're on our 5th day home with our boys, and are feeling like we're starting to get in the groove of parenting!  That might all change for me when Justin goes back to work full time on Monday, but thankfully for us, my mom is nearby and loves getting to spend time with the boys! 

My wonderful friend Michelle, from our church, is heading up scheduling our wonderful friends who want to bring us a meal.  We think we are ready for some visitors starting next week, but we don't want to overwhelm the boys with too many visitors during times they need to be resting to grow. They are still 19 days from the day that they were supposed to be born, so they are working hard to sleep to keep growing!  I know that there are many of our friends who have wanted to know when they could bring us dinner, but weren't on the correspondence email and care calendar that Michelle set up.  She suggested I put her email address on here so if any of you locally wanted to set up a time, you could contact her! I'm in no way asking for meals, or saying the only way you can see the boys is to bring a meal...I just thought this was the best way to get the info out to as many people as possible!  Michelle's email is harmon0323@yahoo.com.  She'll get you to the calendar so people don't try to come the same night!  Just remember, if you or someone at your house is sick, we ask you to come once you are healthy again for at least 48 hours.  Also, we just can't have kids here right now either.  Thanks for being so understanding! =)

For those of you who would like to just come by and see the babies, please shoot me an email or text me.  We're really looking forward to introducing the boys to you!

And I just couldn't do a post without pictures of the boys!

 And lastly, kisses from Will & Jack!!


Joy said...

so sweet! :-) I just want to kiss them! Wish I was there...Can't wait til Thanksgiving!
Ryley wrote this.

Ronni said...

I LOVE their kissy faces!

Anonymous said...

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