October 30, 2010

First Doctor's Appointment

Yesterday we loaded up the boys and took them on their first trip out of the house...to their pediatrician.  (Doctor's appointments are going to pretty much be the extent of their ventures out for awhile!!) I just had to share these pictures with you...the boys were sporting hats I made them along with some sunglasses I found at Target.  So stinking cute!!
Will in blue (front), Jack in green

When we got to the back door of the doctor's office to check in, the secretary said that they were "just the cutest things she'd ever seen!" and sent all the other ladies in the office back to look at them! 

The boys were just perfect, according to our new doctor, and they have definitely grown this week!  

Here are their new stats:
Will: Length-- 19 1/4", Weight--6 lbs, 13 oz (Same measurements I was when I was born!)
Jack: Length--18 3/4", Weight--6 lbs, 8 oz
They both gained about 8 oz since they've been home, so I guess we're doing stuff right!

They also got their 2 month shots. =(  They got 3 each, along with an oral vaccine.  Gigi didn't like hearing their cries, and boy did they cry for about 30 seconds each!  So she was their comforter when they were done, and that made all the difference!  Thanks for coming with us Gigi!!
We love our doctor.  She was highly recommended by many of our friends with kids, and we are so glad that we chose her!  She spent at least an hour with us, examining the boys, and answering all of our questions.  I know the boys will thrive under her care. We go back again in 2 weeks for a quick weight and growth check, then get into the every few months schedule.

The boys sported their glasses again on the way home.  They were totally out, and stayed out most of the afternoon.  We gave them a couple doses of infant tylenol, and that helped to quiet the whimpering. So sad to Mommy!! I did fine with the shots...even held their arms down, but the pained whimpering in the afternoon made me sad!

 But all was great, and we were so thankful for the wonderful visit and report!

And for a funny little example of my new mommy-brain...
When we were just about to the office, I looked in the mirror to put on a little bit of lipstick, and I saw this in the reflection (picture was taken later)...

Can you see?  Two COMPLETELY different earrings!  Geesh...it's beginning! =)

Check back tomorrow for a post of our boys all dressed up for Halloween!!


Brian and Dara said...

I'm sorry, but my fav part of the story HAS to be the 2 different earings!! Its those moments that make me so happy that you are a mommy after such a long journey. I know that even those silly things will be memories that you treasure. I love you!

Anonymous said...

You have "MOMNESIA"! Welcome to the club! :) The boys look so great and I'm so happy they are doing well. Happy early Halloween!

erickson family said...

hilarious! i love the two diff. earrings! hey, at least you put some on! :)