October 20, 2010

7 Weeks Old!

Today the boys hit 7 weeks old! And tomorrow is their 36 week gestation mark! The time is flying by and the boys are getting chubby!!  I love it!!

Will is now 6 lbs 2 oz, and Jack is 5 lbs 11 oz, and they are both a little over 18 inches long. They are definitely growing!!  And getting cute little double chins!  

This was what I saw when I arrived this morning...precious sleeping babies!  They are just beautiful!

Jack in front...

Today Will pulled out his feeding tube, so I had a few minutes of enjoying his whole face before the nurse had to put it back in.  Look at this cute face!!

Today they both had their hearing test done, and they both passed!!  Praise Jesus!

He was connected to electrodes, and you can kind of see the stick on earphones on his ear.  Neither boy seemed to mind the test!

Here is a picture of Jack from yesterday.  They both have been making the cutest faces lately!
Will on the left...
A little sneak peek/preview of their Halloween costumes.  Can't wait to show you their whole costumes soon!
Swaddled together...Will on left hugging Jack!

A new use for a boppy in between feedings!
Chubby babies!  Will on left

Cute little quarterback outfits from Grandpa. Will on left
 And the sweetest picture of all..

Daddy and Jack

The boys are getting so big. Some of these pictures make them look huge, but they really are sill tiny! They are on the home stretch to coming home.  Right now they are take 4-5 of their 8 feedings a day by mouth, and once they get to 8 of 8, they'll be coming home!  We're going to have them home before their due date (November 18) for sure! We can hardly wait!!!

Thank you for continuing to pray for them!!


Jodi said...

Alyson, I just love to read your posts and see your precious boys! Praising God with you for their health!

Anonymous said...

I'm so AMAZED at how quickly they keep growing! Good job mommy and daddy! It is just wonderful to watch them change so much! Continuing my prayers for them to soon be home!

Kristen said...

Praise God! It's so great to watch them grow and thrive...they are such perfect answers to prayer! Love you!

The Toole Family said...

They are so precious. We are so happy for you. Glad they are doing so great....

Marie W said...

They have really plumped up! I am happy to hear they are doing well and I cannot wait until they are home with you both.

Riley Kai said...

Just Two cute for words!

Brian and Dara said...

I just LOVE the picture where Will looks like he's blowing you a kiss!! I can't tell you how much joy it bring me, and all of your blog stalkers, to see what miracles these boys are!!! Seeing them get chubbier and bigger just testifies to the love and grace God is showing you all! Love you my friend!

Cristina said...

Too Cute! It looks like Will was trying to blow a kiss.

They are so precious and I can't wait to see them in person. =) I will call you soon...

Love you, friend!

The Schobert Family said...

Hi Steiner Family! We connected with Justin on Facebook and I stayed up REALLY late catching up on your life the last 4 years. First, I am so sorry for the loss of Jonathan. What a precious boy. We went through an early loss last May and it was very difficult. The boys are absolutely adorable! Congratulations and we will continue to pray for smooth sailing and a quick homecoming. Please let us know if we can do anything at all. We would love to see you and meet the boys someday! Take care!
Beth, Keith and Emma Schobert

Kelly said...

Love seeing the photos of their chubby little faces! They are getting cuter each day :)