October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween from Will & Jack!!

Here they are all dressed up in their NBA costumes! The NICU staff called them the Steiner Globetrotters! =)
Jack doesn't seem to like this!

Will & Jack



Oh yeah...we're hot stuff!

More adorable Halloween pictures to come tomorrow.  For some reason, I can't get them to upload right now. =(

Hope you've had a great weekend!

October 30, 2010

In the groove...

We're on our 5th day home with our boys, and are feeling like we're starting to get in the groove of parenting!  That might all change for me when Justin goes back to work full time on Monday, but thankfully for us, my mom is nearby and loves getting to spend time with the boys! 

My wonderful friend Michelle, from our church, is heading up scheduling our wonderful friends who want to bring us a meal.  We think we are ready for some visitors starting next week, but we don't want to overwhelm the boys with too many visitors during times they need to be resting to grow. They are still 19 days from the day that they were supposed to be born, so they are working hard to sleep to keep growing!  I know that there are many of our friends who have wanted to know when they could bring us dinner, but weren't on the correspondence email and care calendar that Michelle set up.  She suggested I put her email address on here so if any of you locally wanted to set up a time, you could contact her! I'm in no way asking for meals, or saying the only way you can see the boys is to bring a meal...I just thought this was the best way to get the info out to as many people as possible!  Michelle's email is harmon0323@yahoo.com.  She'll get you to the calendar so people don't try to come the same night!  Just remember, if you or someone at your house is sick, we ask you to come once you are healthy again for at least 48 hours.  Also, we just can't have kids here right now either.  Thanks for being so understanding! =)

For those of you who would like to just come by and see the babies, please shoot me an email or text me.  We're really looking forward to introducing the boys to you!

And I just couldn't do a post without pictures of the boys!

 And lastly, kisses from Will & Jack!!

First Doctor's Appointment

Yesterday we loaded up the boys and took them on their first trip out of the house...to their pediatrician.  (Doctor's appointments are going to pretty much be the extent of their ventures out for awhile!!) I just had to share these pictures with you...the boys were sporting hats I made them along with some sunglasses I found at Target.  So stinking cute!!
Will in blue (front), Jack in green

When we got to the back door of the doctor's office to check in, the secretary said that they were "just the cutest things she'd ever seen!" and sent all the other ladies in the office back to look at them! 

The boys were just perfect, according to our new doctor, and they have definitely grown this week!  

Here are their new stats:
Will: Length-- 19 1/4", Weight--6 lbs, 13 oz (Same measurements I was when I was born!)
Jack: Length--18 3/4", Weight--6 lbs, 8 oz
They both gained about 8 oz since they've been home, so I guess we're doing stuff right!

They also got their 2 month shots. =(  They got 3 each, along with an oral vaccine.  Gigi didn't like hearing their cries, and boy did they cry for about 30 seconds each!  So she was their comforter when they were done, and that made all the difference!  Thanks for coming with us Gigi!!
We love our doctor.  She was highly recommended by many of our friends with kids, and we are so glad that we chose her!  She spent at least an hour with us, examining the boys, and answering all of our questions.  I know the boys will thrive under her care. We go back again in 2 weeks for a quick weight and growth check, then get into the every few months schedule.

The boys sported their glasses again on the way home.  They were totally out, and stayed out most of the afternoon.  We gave them a couple doses of infant tylenol, and that helped to quiet the whimpering. So sad to Mommy!! I did fine with the shots...even held their arms down, but the pained whimpering in the afternoon made me sad!

 But all was great, and we were so thankful for the wonderful visit and report!

And for a funny little example of my new mommy-brain...
When we were just about to the office, I looked in the mirror to put on a little bit of lipstick, and I saw this in the reflection (picture was taken later)...

Can you see?  Two COMPLETELY different earrings!  Geesh...it's beginning! =)

Check back tomorrow for a post of our boys all dressed up for Halloween!!

October 27, 2010


I am in absolute HEAVEN!!!  It is the most amazing and wonderful thing to have our boys home! As much as I loved the wonderful time we had at the NICU, learning how to take care of them while they were growing, it is so nice to be at home together!  We made it through our first day and night at home, and I'm finally getting a chance to get this blog up.  Sorry for the delay!  =)

We did really well during the rooming in at the hospital.  We stayed in a small little room, just across the hall from the NICU.  After weighing and measuring the boys a final time in the NICU (Jack made it to 6 lbs 0.3 oz!!! Two 6 pound babies going home!), we went across the hall and settled in for our first official night of parenting...on our own!  After each feeding, we'd call the nurse and let her know how much they ate and about their diapers, but other than that, they left us alone!

We did really well...it proved to me even more how good of a team Justin and I are.  Which is a great thing, because with two babies, you definitely need a strong teammate!

Daddy and his boys watching the Cowboys game
I love my husband! He is such a great man and a great daddy!!

The boys in their separate bassinets.  These took up a huge part of the room!


It was so amazing to have two babies that were not connected to any kinds of cords or monitors!  We made it through the night, and in the morning, the nurse, nurse practitioner, and doctor came in to do a final evaluation. They said the boys looked great, and they released us to head on home!  We were so happy to hear those words!  

So we dressed them up in their "Daddy's little sluggers" outfits.  Silly mommy didn't realize that these were 0-3 month outfits, not newborn, so they were a little bit big, but our boys wanted to wear them in honor of our Texas Rangers going to the World Series!  The closest we could get on short notice to a Rangers onesie!

Jack making his little 'O' mouth while he was waiting to get in his car seat
Thankfully, my mom was there to take pictures and videos of this wonderful day (the video will come on a later blog once I finish editing it!), and she snapped all of the great pictures we have.  We put the boys into their car seats for the very first time.  I'm glad I'd read the instruction book, because no one was there to help us!  I thought they would be, but they just left us on our own!

Our little family
We headed down the elevators, hardly believing that this was really happening and they were letting us take our boys with us!

I squished in between their car seats in the back of my little Hyundai Santa Fe (definitely not made for a third person when there are two car seats installed), but I was determined to be able to watch them all the way home!

We arrived home, and met my mom there looking very confused.  She told us that she and my dad had put up a huge sign on the front of our house early that morning to surprise us, but when we got there, there was no sign!  She was just about in tears!  I felt so bad for her! =(

But, we found the sign in our backyard!!  Somehow, a gust of wind had ripped it off and blown it OVER our roof!  Crazy!  So we came back and took a picture, and then she put it back up in a way that it wouldn't blow off again.  Isn't it adorable?!  What a wonderful surprise, Mom and Dad, and we even got a funny story out of it! Thank you so much!!

The boys hanging out in their car seats while we get everything from the hospital put away.
Once we felt situated, we got the boys out of their car seats and put them in the pack and play my wonderful friend and twin mommy Shannon let us borrow.  We are not letting the boys sleep together at night, per the hospital's orders, but during the day when we're awake and watching them, they can lay in the same bed.

Oops-sorry about the sideways picture.  Will is on top.
My dad stopped by after work and fed Jack.  Jack was wide awake for a while afterwards, just staring at my dad as he talked to him!  Too cute!

My dad also brought Betsy back from their house, and it was so much fun to see her reaction to the boys, and to all of the baby stuff all of a sudden in the house.  She kept sniffing everything, and then came up to me, smelled Will's head, and licked him on the top of the head! She loves them!!  She is so gentle with them, and seems really concerned and protective of them already!

She isn't quite sure where she is supposed to sit when we both are holding babies, but so far, she likes to sit up on the chair or the bed and stare into the down into the pack and play at the boys!  I think Betsy and the boys are going to be best buddies!

After the 5pm feeding, we couldn't believe it, but the boys stayed WIDE awake for almost two hours!  I didn't think they were supposed to be able to do that yet, and we regretted it later when they were super tired at their next feeding.  But they were so adorable!!  We put them in their bouncy seats for the first time.  They seemed to kind of like it, but weren't to sure about where they were!


They look so small!

I am just so happy having my boys home.  It is the moments like this that make me realize that my dream of being a mommy has finally come true!!

More to come from the Steiner house soon!

October 25, 2010


Tomorrow is the day!!  The boys have done so well yesterday and today, so we are on track to room in at the hospital tonight, and finally bring them home tomorrow!!  We are so excited!

We're looking forward to getting into the groove of life as a family, and know it's going to take us a bit to get used to our new schedule with our wonderful boys!  If you are one of our amazing friends that would like to come visit the boys, we would love to have you, but just not yet.  We will let you know when we're up to having visitors, and you are more than welcome to call, text or email us before then.  No one will be allowed to see the boys if you, or anyone in your family is feeling sick.  We just have to be so careful with our boys, being 11 weeks premature, especially going into the winter and flu season! Also, we just can't have any kids coming to our house, only adults.  Thanks so much for caring so much about us, and we look forward to the time we can introduce you to our boys!  I promise I'll keep putting pictures up on here so you can see the boys!

Will & Jack on their last afternoon in the hospital!!

October 24, 2010

Slight change of plans...

The boys are now going to come home on Tuesday.  =( Yesterday was a HUGE day for them (synagis shot, circumcision, baby massage, and some wonderful visitors) and they didn't gain the weight the doctor wanted them to gain. I was pretty sad today when we heard the news, since I was just about bouncing off the walls thinking they were coming home on tomorrow.  But now I'm much better though...there are many positives about them staying one more day, and in the end, I want what is the best for the boys.  If they're not quite ready to come home, even as much as I want them to be here, I'd rather have them being well cared for in the NICU.  Our favorite nurse, Darla, even got assigned to their care today! They are eating really well today and getting a lot of rest, so all seems like it will be on track for us to room in on Monday night, and then bring them home on Tuesday!  It will be here before I know it...so I guess I better get a little bit of extra rest!! =)

Sweet Jack

Precious Will

Resting up so they can come home!!

October 23, 2010

Guess Who's Coming Home???

It's us!!!
Will & Jack
Having 'stare into each other's face' time

Yesterday our boys went from taking 5-6 feedings by mouth to ALL of them!!  So that means we are in the countdown to them coming home!!  Officially, we are scheduled to bring them home on Monday, if they continue to do well on their feeds, and if they don't have any brady/apnea episodes.  They haven't had any of those for at least a week, so we're pretty sure we are okay there!  

We have a very busy next few days...the boys have to pass their car seat tests, they have to get circumcised, we are learning infant massage, they are getting dressed up in their Halloween costumes to get their NICU pictures done, they have an eye exam, and we are planning on rooming in at the hospital Sunday night to for a "practice run" on our own!!  Yikes!!  And there are just a few more things that we need to pick up at the store before they come!  

But I am SOOOO excited, and just can hardly believe it!  It seemed to far off in the distance, and now it is here!!  On Monday they will have been in the hospital 54 days, so I think that is long enough, and I'm so glad it's time to come home! Even if it gets pushed to Tuesday, we can hardly wait to bring our boys home!!!

Please pray that all will go well over the next 48 hours, and that they will finally come home!!! =)

October 20, 2010

7 Weeks Old!

Today the boys hit 7 weeks old! And tomorrow is their 36 week gestation mark! The time is flying by and the boys are getting chubby!!  I love it!!

Will is now 6 lbs 2 oz, and Jack is 5 lbs 11 oz, and they are both a little over 18 inches long. They are definitely growing!!  And getting cute little double chins!  

This was what I saw when I arrived this morning...precious sleeping babies!  They are just beautiful!

Jack in front...

Today Will pulled out his feeding tube, so I had a few minutes of enjoying his whole face before the nurse had to put it back in.  Look at this cute face!!

Today they both had their hearing test done, and they both passed!!  Praise Jesus!

He was connected to electrodes, and you can kind of see the stick on earphones on his ear.  Neither boy seemed to mind the test!

Here is a picture of Jack from yesterday.  They both have been making the cutest faces lately!
Will on the left...
A little sneak peek/preview of their Halloween costumes.  Can't wait to show you their whole costumes soon!
Swaddled together...Will on left hugging Jack!

A new use for a boppy in between feedings!
Chubby babies!  Will on left

Cute little quarterback outfits from Grandpa. Will on left
 And the sweetest picture of all..

Daddy and Jack

The boys are getting so big. Some of these pictures make them look huge, but they really are sill tiny! They are on the home stretch to coming home.  Right now they are take 4-5 of their 8 feedings a day by mouth, and once they get to 8 of 8, they'll be coming home!  We're going to have them home before their due date (November 18) for sure! We can hardly wait!!!

Thank you for continuing to pray for them!!