September 15, 2010

Two weeks old!!!

Today the boys are two weeks old!!  I can't believe it!!

I want to post a bunch of new pics, but first, I thought I'd answer a few questions that I've gotten about the boys...

When will the boys come home?
They told us right at the beginning that we should expect them to be in the NICU 8-9 weeks, which would make the coming home date around the 2nd week of November.  They say that the due date is a good date to aim for (Nov. 18th), and then if they are ready to come home earlier, it is a good surprise for us!  We are hoping that they boys will continue to do well, and they will be home on the sooner side!  We can't wait for them to be here with us!!

Can they be put together in the same bed?
The boys both are on monitors right now that tells the bed how to adjust the temperature for them.  They have done pretty well regulating their temperature, but once they are bigger (1800 grams), yes, they will be put in the same open bed. Right now they are about 1340 grams, so they have a little ways to go before they'll be moved back together. I'm sure they miss each other!!

When can they wear clothes?
This is another thing that depends on their size.  To be able to wear clothes, they have to be 1500 grams, so they are getting close!  We have been given some adorable teeny tiny preemie outfits, and I can hardly wait to dress them up!

The boys are definitely changing and growing, even though they're still so small!  They've been more much more alert at times throughout the day.  They have been making cute little "o" mouths which just crack us up.  Also, they have both found that they can grab onto their cannulas and try to rip them off their faces!  Their cannulas end up in their mouths very often! I just love getting to hold them.  I hold them each for about 1 1/2 hours, while they are feeding.  Their feeds each take 90 minutes, and you have to hold them the entire time to try to prevent spit up.  It makes for a long time of sitting there, but it is the best thing in the world to just get to sit and hold my babies!!  I can hardly wait for the day that I can hold them both at the same time! for some pictures!!

Here are a bunch of Will...

He loves to hold his own paci!  He wouldn't let it go today!

And some of Jack...

Get this thing off me, Mom!

Ahh...I could look at them forever!


DaisyJo said...

They definitely look a little bigger and more alert in these photos! I was so caught up in their adorable little faces that I totally didn't notice the cords/wires until your "take it off, Mom" caption.


Marie W said...

They look soo good! Continuing to keep all of you in prayer.

erickson family said...

precious, just precious. :)