September 12, 2010


Today started off on the stressful side for me...but ended up with a wonderful surprise!  You know the saying "Don't cry over spilt milk"?  Well, that is exactly what I did this morning!  First, I accidentally slept through my 4am pumping session (I think I was so tired from my 2am one, I forgot to turn back on the alarm), and then at my 7am one, I knocked over my water bottle, and when I reached to pick it up, about half of what I had pumped on one side dumped out onto the chair! I didn't realize that there was a hole in the top of the collector.  I already am only getting small amounts, so that was enough to make me cry (for the first time since becoming a mommy!).  What a start to the morning. I had to bypass going out to breakfast with Justin and his parents to fit in another pumping session to make up for my snooze-fest.  Needless to say, by the time we were on the way to the hospital, this type-A, schedule driven girl was a flustered mess.

But...when we got to the hospital, a great surprise was there waiting for me that turned the entire day around!  Look who met us without his CPAP on!!!


When we left the hospital last night, they told us that because he was still having brady/apnea episodes, he wouldn't be coming off CPAP until at least Monday.  So we were shocked and thrilled when the first thing we saw was his precious little face...which by the way, it SUPER identical to his brothers!  Our wonderful nurse we've had for the weekend, Darla, noticed that the veins in their foreheads have a slightly different pattern, so we just might have something that will help us tell them apart! She also took the time this weekend to make these adorable name/weight/height sheets for the boys--even color coded in their blue and green colors!!  She was so thoughtful!

Their stats for the day...

And now, for some adorable pictures of the boys!

Here are some from the last two days of Will...without his CPAP!

With Daddy
Daddy with Kangaroo Will...They both loved their time together!

He was loving his pacifier...even though it is just about as big as his whole face!
The other side of his hat has a basketball on it!  This is what the hat actually came with, but my brother found the felt letter stickers that I glued on the other side! We have to have something to tell them apart in pictures!
Another picture, Mommy???
Daddy is so warm and cozy...

Let's just take this one off too!  The nurse told us that Will has pulled the cannula out multiple times already!  They both just like to grab whatever is near their faces!
Precious eyes

Getting a better look at my boy...I was so wishing that plastic wasn't there so I could kiss his little face!
Mammaw did the honors today and changed both boy's diapers...What fun to have Mammaw and Pappaw down to see them again.  I'm sure they'll look so different the next time they're here!

And now, some of Jack, without his CPAP on!!
Even though I've held Jack before, it feels completely different without the CPAP...I can hold him for "real"!!  I LOVE IT!!!

Very sleepy boy...he didn't want to open his eyes!

I didn't get any pictures of the other side of his hat, but his has a football on it!

Getting a little view of his eye...
Another little peek-a-boo, but he went right back to sleep!
A very happy mommy!
And back to sleep!

Night Jack!!  So glad to see your precious little face!!

I just can't get enough of these boys... for some reason, having them both off CPAP makes them seem even more real....

I'm in love.


Weddzilla Aaron said...

I want to come back!!

Cristina said...

They are too cute!!! Keep the pictures coming! =)

Candie said...

Those are the sweetest little photos. They have the cutest little faces. Great is your faithfulness and great is your reward!

Audra said...

Aly, what fun to hold them both without their CPACs!!!!! I can't wait to see the picture of you holding both at the same time! A few tips about milk, there is an herbal tea you can drink called Mother's Milk by Traditional Medicinals. You would have to look at a natural foods store for it. It can up your production. Be sure and brew it with a lid on the teacup for 20 minutes to get the benefit of the herbs if you decide to try it. Also, drinking 2 to 3 quarts of water every day (arggghhh) will help. And eating everything you can get your hands on. You have to eat 500 more calories a day when your nursing than when you are pregnant! One thing to remember, you can't pump as much as a baby can get out by nursing so as long as you are maintaining your supply, when they can nurse they will be able to get more.
Sorry this is so long. I guess I should have emailed you instead of commenting. Oh well, have fun. I love you!

Anonymous said...

I'm in love with you being in love! They are adorable! I'm so glad that you guys got to hold them and the CPACs are off! Hooray!